an italian easter dinner.

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josh made me a homemade italian easter dinner today. so good. some things on the menu included pasta bolognese, salsiccia e potate, insalate, and weird-looking-cookies from cafe roma in little italy. we didn’t get too many photos of the food, but i promise it was yummy! and i love my husband because he cooks for me!... Read more

the coolest mom ever.

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my beautiful mother has a birthday tomorrow. she is such a special lady, an exceptional woman and a very very wise, smart, wayyy clever and loving mother. she’s that person i know i can rely on, confide in, and tell anything to. she’s been my biggest fan and support system when life (especially with dance) just isn’t working out.... Read more

make me happy.

i’m learning it doesn’t take much to make me happy.for example: finding a cool setting on the camera that i never knew existed is all it takes sometimes.p.s. so i guess the combination of not wearing concealer and this setting on the camera brings out every freckle possible on my face. suddenly i am freckle queen....

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Caro Presidente

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Caro Presidente, 

E’ con un cuore colmo d’emozione che Le scrivo di nuovo una lettera come ho fatto parecchie volte anni fa come uno dei suoi missionari. Pochi momenti fa, ho visto un breve film di Lei sull’internet che Nick Cunnington ha registrato anni fa.  Quando e’ arrivata la fine, mi sono scoppiato di lacrime.  Infatti, sto piangendo ancora adesso.  ... Read more