it’s become our style to do things after the fact…

i finally hid the easter eggs for josh this morning. we had a little easter egg hunt before he left for work. i would just like to say, i have never seen that “little boy” side of my husband before. it was amazing. you bet i’m planning numerous hunts before the actual holiday comes around again next year…. because that’s a side of josh too adorable to wait 365 days to see again.

  1. Sarah

    How fun! I’m glad you finally caved in and hid those eggs. Did you get any fun pictures to accompany the post? How was your show?

  2. Eve

    I can’t believe how grown you are! Do you remember me vaguely..Eve Johnson from Chicago. My family and your dad’s family are very close. I found you through Sheri’s website.
    Can I say (even though you are a married adult) how proud I am of you? I am floored at what a beautiful, talented, intelligent woman you’ve become. You also look like you are having the time of your life so enjoy it all.
    Anyhow, as a result of your page I have broken down and ordered a Holga direct from Hong Kong. I have to ask…did you get the 35mm or 120mm camera and did you get the built in color flash or are you using the exterior mounted filters?
    I can’t wait to start taking some crazy shots.
    If it’s o.k I’ll call you next time we are in New York!

  3. Good for you! You and Josh are just too fun.

  4. malia

    Oh, how fun! Yeah, you should totally just have random easter egg hunts throughout the year. Thta would be fun…or maybe that would take the magic out of it. I don’t know. tough decisions.