i prefer this.

it’s opening night tonight of a really boring juilliard dance concert. and i’m totally not feeling it. i’ll be the one onstage with bleach trays in her mouth. i’m taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. …just don’t tell anyone.

i think i got a good one. he brings me presents like girl scout cookies, chinese take-out, and orange gatorade late at night. he also willingly runs in the cold to pinkberry for me during the previews at the movie theater. i feel special. these are the little things that get to me.

today feels like thursday. i was anticipating buying my apple and cider at the farmers market outside school, but it wasn’t there. stupid wednesday. where is thursday?

i still have not hid the easter eggs for josh. i thought dying them was enough. but i’m beginning to think i’m not going to hear the end of it until i do.

some friends asked last friday “so we probably won’t be seeing naomi this weekend, right?” i decided to be honest, “probably not.” no offense, but when i’m not with josh, i do things by myself. so introverted. i like it. and i prefer it.

  1. Okay, stop. I’m beginning to second guess my marriage. Dan would never give up previews to get me ice cream. Isn’t that what guys do only up until the 2nd or 3rd date? He is trained well. You should hide the eggs for him after all of that, and maybe bow ever so often. ;)

  2. Sarah

    Yeah. I remember those days when we were “best friends” but hanging out with you was impossible.
    And girl, yoy go bleach them teeth while performing on stage! Only you can get away with something like that.

  3. Oh Naomi. I miss you and I LOVE your blog. I know I tell you this all the time but thank you for your sweet posts. I think the world of you and our friendship.