an italian easter dinner.

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josh made me a homemade italian easter dinner today. so good. some things on the menu included pasta bolognese, salsiccia e potate, insalate, and weird-looking-cookies from cafe roma in little italy. we didn’t get too many photos of the food, but i promise it was yummy! and i love my husband because he cooks for me!

i love him.

(ps. i bought daffodils from the farmers market yesterday. i love them.)

do you see the hard boiled egg inside the cookie? weird, if you ask me… plus, they aren’t very edible. so i’m still craving dessert. :(

  1. Wow. That’s a pretty amazing dinner. I am very impressed. I had no idea you spoke and cooked Italian, Josh. Way to go. Impressive. I agree that the desserts do not seem very appetizing. The only egg that i acceptable for dessert is a cadbury mini egg–I have had many tonight.

  2. I’m with the cadbury egg idea. Great easter feast. I agree it is a fantastic thing to have a husband who loves to cook and is great at doing it! Very lucky.

  3. Sarah

    He cooks italian too? I guess you got a good one, Naomi.

  4. Um, WOW. Okay, you guys totally win the prize for best Easter.

  5. that is such an interesting dessert. i also am a huge fan of the cadbury mini egg! and your flowers are great. i wish i could go to a farmers market!

  6. Rebecca

    We officially invite the Davis’ over to cook dinner for us.