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Once upon a time, I had the best valentines day ever. That ‘once upon a time’ was last year. It was the first valentines I’d spent where something wasn’t forced, over-the-top, or blown completely out of porportion. I spent it with Josh. We didn’t do anything too out of the ordinary for us, but maybe that’s what made it all the more special. No one was trying too hard. Josh was already aware I wasn’t a “flowers” kind of girl, and… though we enjoy going out, I was so pleased to find early on that he enjoyed staying in as much as I did. We were in the middle of planning a wedding, finding an apartment, and figuring out our future together, though we weren’t officially engaged yet. I felt really comfortable and happy, I felt loved and appreciated. (and, I still feel this way, times a gazillion. )

But the girl in me told Josh last week, “we better be doing something really nice and special for valentines day this year.” The girl in me is this new girly girl, who likes the fluff and frills she never has before. And I get annoyed with her, so I took it back last night and apoligized.

I think valentines day is a beautiful holiday. I know it sucks sometimes, I can remember a few of them I wasn’t too fond of. It’s often all about show, and like alot of other holidays, it puts a whole lot of pressure on everyone. But it doesn’t have to. None of them have to. I’m just happy to be spending it with Josh again this year, in the 450 square foot studio apartment we share together. And I’m looking forward to all the others we’ll spend just like this one… Perfectly.

(photo from VDay Crush Party 2007. So fun.)

  1. you have totally turned girly-girl on me and you don’t even know it.

    the photo is priceless. you two are so adorable.

  2. This holiday is a nice one when it’s easy to look over at someone and just say “I love you everyday but today I’ll tell you again”.

  3. nikki

    I feel the same. We actually went out last night to see a show… just because not because it was Valentine’s this week. Tonight… hmm, I think we will stay in, eat breakfast for dinner and watch a movie. The perfect night :)

  4. this is so sweet. i think you are the most stylish woman i know. love the dress.