save the date.

I know, I know….
I’m really bad at telling people when Juilliard performances are… and I don’t really have an excuse for this. I also think it’s the best dance New York City has to offer, so I’m going to stop shuting up about it.

Consider this your official invitation.

Juilliard Senior Production
April 24th- April 27th. 8pm. (sat-sun, 2pm matinee as well as the 8pm show)
Entirely run by the senior class. Better than any big name blah stuff out there in the dance world right now. I’m not kidding. And, you get to see me as a punk-rock version of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Juilliard Senior Showcase
Monday, May 19th. 8pm.
The class of 2008 officially says “finally” (or maybe it’s only me uttering that) with Ohad Naharin repetory and really beautiful solos. So good.

If you want free tickets, let me know… we start running out mid March.

So there, I did it.
I’m also never offended when people say they want to come and they don’t. I do that all the time… so no worries my lovers.

p.s. I also would really encourage everyone to check out this link for information on free shows at Juilliard by the drama, music, and jazz departments at school. It doesn’t get better.

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Naomi. You don’t know me because we have never met. My name is Andrea and I came across your blog today (I don’t know how!) and I want you to know how inspiring you and your husband are. I am not married yet but I am LDS and I hope someday I can have the kind of happy and good marriage you have. (Probably won’t be as indie but that’s because I cannot pull that off but you are beautiful and look really happy and I hope you don’t mind if I come back to your page. I really enjoy looking at your cool photos and stories. :):)

  2. Free tickets? Yes please. For both.

  3. becca

    wow, nice comment above. little blogspot celebrity, no? haha.

    p.s. i wish i could see you do your senior solo, naomi. i bet you’ll make people cry…. as usual. i miss your dancing.

  4. E.F.G.

    jason and erica want to go!

  5. i’m seriously sick about not still being in ny to see this. boo.

  6. Cody and I would love two tickets if you could swing them. Thanks for letting us know about the free shows.

  7. nikki

    cam and nikki want to come to both, so free tickets if you have them… yes. I am dying to see you dance.

  8. i wish i lived close by… i’d be there every night.

  9. Rebecca

    THIS is what we’ve been waiting for. I’m sending you an email about the free tickets so I don’t get lost in the shuffle. And if it happens that the free tickets run out by mid-february this year, the Smylies will still go. That’s how badly we want to see you as Alice. And Alice–if you’re doing Alice in Wonderland isn’t that kind of a big role? I’d for sure be cast as keyhole or something lame like that.