there were no bumpers…

…so obviously, you should be really proud that i only had like, 12 gutter balls.

we went bowling with dan and marci in good ol’ harlem last night. while they might have taken the lead in the first game, somehow, we fought back and won the second. and it had nothing to do with all of marci’s gutter balls the second game, i promise....

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save the date.

I know, I know….I’m really bad at telling people when Juilliard performances are… and I don’t really have an excuse for this. I also think it’s the best dance New York City has to offer, so I’m going to stop shuting up about it.

Consider this your official invitation.

Juilliard Senior ProductionApril 24th- April 27th....

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identity theft.

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Sometimes while at school, Brett steals my wardrobe and acts like he’s me. He secretly wishes he’d thought of this coat and hat before me. I secretly wish I could vogue like him.

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