getting into the double digits

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isaac turned 10 today. he is my little rockstar.the cutest little thing you ever did see, and he’s my brother.

it’s not like he had four older sisters who loved playing dress-up growing up… nah.

and he’s the king of knowing how to entertain…

and he’s growing up way too fast. it’s not even funny.

I cannot wait for May when he comes back to new york again with the fam....

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best valentines day. ever. (…yesterday.) Just when I start to think he isn’t listening as I blab on and on about all my secret wishes, dreams and materialistic wants in life (how embarassing, really!), he suprises me with just those and then some. I have come to realize this just might mean he knows me better than I know myself sometimes.... Read more


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Once upon a time, I had the best valentines day ever. That ‘once upon a time’ was last year. It was the first valentines I’d spent where something wasn’t forced, over-the-top, or blown completely out of porportion. I spent it with Josh. We didn’t do anything too out of the ordinary for us, but maybe that’s what made it all the more special....

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her name is pipilotti rist and i think she’s a genius. i first saw this my sophmore year at the MoMA and after sitting in the there for an hour watching this over and over, i started going back almost every week to watch it again.  it’s one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen. ... Read more