celebrations should always include a tea party.

you, my darling little 2-week spring break, have finally arrived. i welcome you with open arms as i’ve anticipated your arrival for sometime now…. thank you for coming.

and what better way to celebrate that you are finally here than with a little alice’s?

please ignore sumaya’s hot cocoa cup. she, along with carolyn who ordered coffee, cannot even grasp what their missing out on by dissing the herbal detox blend tea. so sad.

  1. two week spring break? unheard of. and why are you so beautiful in every photo?

  2. jealous. looks like fun. you’re adorable.

  3. becca

    I love how you have always had your tea parties, with the cut off crusts on the sandwiches and little pastries. Your daughters are going to love you,Naomi.

  4. Have a wonderful spring break! P.S. I found another little tea place we need to try: “Teany” in the lower east side.