her name is pipilotti rist and i think she’s a genius.
i first saw this my sophmore year at the MoMA and after sitting in the there for an hour watching this over and over, i started going back almost every week to watch it again. 
it’s one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen. 
and cheesy as it sounds, it did alot for me that year.
it was only on display until april of last year, so i was happy to find it on youtube last night since i’ve missed it {though youtube doesn’t do it justice like seeing it in person}. beautiful.

read about it here.

  1. Interesting. I agree youtube probably doesn’t do it justice since you can’t really grasp both compositions but enjoyable nonetheless.

  2. it is beautiful. i read the link and it sounds interesting. is she wearing ruby red slippers? haha. you probably just liked it because she was wearing red shoes. no?

  3. no. janalyn, no.

    p.s. i don’t even own red shoes right now. believe it or not.

  4. I’m glad you found this and posted it. I tried to hum this song for the rest of the week and hoped I would never forget it. But I did. Until now.

  5. Jessica

    Realize it’s older post but still needs a comment from me – saw this artist in my Art History class at Uni – she was…interested. We did her menstruation video…