celebrations should always include a tea party.

you, my darling little 2-week spring break, have finally arrived. i welcome you with open arms as i’ve anticipated your arrival for sometime now…. thank you for coming.

and what better way to celebrate that you are finally here than with a little alice’s?

please ignore sumaya’s hot cocoa cup. she, along with carolyn who ordered coffee, cannot even grasp what their missing out on by dissing the herbal detox blend tea....

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baby, it’s WAY cold outside….

…and snowy.

and you came back from scout camp all sick, husband. but i admire you, all those leaders and great boys for making the trek in the snow to go camping last weekend. looked like alot of…fun.

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let it snow!

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i was so excited to look out the window this morning and see pretty white snow flakes sticking to the ground here in new york! i missed the 4 feet of snow my family witnessed back home in utah last week!  here is my brother isaac on his way to collect the eggs from our chicken coop!... Read more

Because I know you were curious….

The guy who lives next door, in apartment 2B, likes to play guitar hero at all hours of the day. He enjoys doing this while trying to blow out his speakers. It makes our walls, floor, and furniture shake. Once we baked him a chocolate cake and played a few songs with him. Though we didn’t smoke anything while we were there, we smelled like weed the rest of the night....

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