this little guy is all ours, all week.

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Isaac, my really really adorable little 9 year old little has been taking care of me in New York this past week…and we have him all to ourselves til Sunday.
He’s quite the little gentleman, holding doors for me, cleaning up my messes, always saying please and thank you. He does all this while saying the cutest things. I wish he could stay forever. We can’t seem to get enough of him! I also think he might be the only person in this city who wants to see a rat more than anything.
Here are some favorite photos so far…
Perhaps having four older sisters has something to do with this little guy doing his hair every morning? But hey, Josh doesn’t have any sisters and he does this too….
I asked Isaac to watch something in the oven for me, so he stood, in his boxers, armed with Josh’s keyboard. He’s a very talented little pianist.
Can’t get enough.
First thing we did in the city…. Empire State Building. Isaac’s favorite place.

He’s got style for a 9 year old…
Isaac, along with my husband, is obsessed with the Jr. Bacon Cheese Burger from Wendy’s. I have no idea why, but Ikey ate 2 in a row, they’re “that good.”
And he’s obsessed with Lego’s too.

We saw Wicked on Broadway. I told Isaac to go stand next to the poster board and of course he poses with his finger up Alfaba’s nose. Such a boy.
And since I’m S’mores obsessed, we had a little bonding time over the fake flames at Cosi’s.
So far:
The count of how many people have stopped and asked if Isaac is my son: 3.
Sometimes it’s just too tempting to nod and say yes. I love awkwardness.
  1. nikki

    yep… he’s pretty adorable.

  2. That is hilarious! Your brother seems like he is one little awesome dude! Have fun with him!

    P.S. Love the photobooth pics of you and Josh.. so cute!

    love love love it all

  3. Fun! (p.s. back in town…)

  4. Anna Kim

    your brother reminds me of my little cousin alex. all of his cute expressions and everything… makes me want to rush and go see alex.