The world is my living room (not oyster, Naomi)

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but women aren’t the only ones who can wear UGG Australia shoes.  Men can too!  I’m living, breathing (and walking) proof.  Their slipper line is a marvel.  I highly recommend these furry little pillows with soles to anyone who wants to feel like Fifth Avenue is his living room, while he lounges in his slippers all day outside.  

Look out world – here I come.  
And you won’t hear me coming either, because I have Iroquios-style moccasins made of Australian sheepskin and sheepskin fur on my feet.

P.S.  Naomi says she’s not going to write about me anymore.  She says she’s only going to write about food and herself from now on.  So if you don’t hear about me anymore, we haven’t separated.  She’s just mad at me for not writing on the blog more often.  And yes: that was an orange peel that she just threw at me.

  1. Rebecca

    Josh–my mother-in-law took me to SEVERAL stores yesterday looking for a pair of Uggs for my eleven-day old daughter. She thinks I should let my daughter by more hip.

  2. wow. you two are seriously the cutest couple. and i’m very impressed with you, josh. hopefully we’ll hear more from you and naomi will stop throwing orange peels your way! love it!

  3. n i c k

    Josh, I too endorse UGGs for males. And Cristian endorses UGGs for (male) babies (his are very tiny but very large in comfort).

    I will say however, Rachel wears mine more often than I do – go figure. Mostly outside, to get the mail, in the snow… wives can get away with stuff like that.