the little things.

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Thankful for scolding hot water and ice packs to help ease the pain, knots, numbness of my body after coming back cold to rehearsals.
Thankful for my mini dishwasher, who never complains about doing all my dishes for me.
Thankful for scarves, hats, and smart wool socks for keeping me warm in this weather.
Thankful for Balduccis. You save my life everyday at 1:40pm.
Thankful for rock n’roll rehearsals, jazz hands, and hip rolls.
Thankful for no nightmares in my dreams since Saturday.
Thankful for these beautiful people, there endless friendship and love. (and for Burger Joint outings after long rehearsals and days…)
Thankful for a new year, a new semester.
Thankful for a husband who, on occasion (tired as he is from a long day too) will work on the 5 fist size knots in my back before bed.
Thankful for a school where my art is so appreciated.
Thankful for my little secrets, for keeping me sane.
Thankful for my new metro card, this time, I won’t let you get stolen.
Thankful for music. The good stuff, and the bad.
Thankful for mom’s homemade raspberry jam…it really did help the cramps.
Thankful for my life. How I love you.

  1. Naomi, you are so sweet! You make me want to be happier. By the way, I feel like I know you because I spent all day yesterday reading everything on your blog…I promise I am not scary.

  2. becca

    Naomi, I am obsessed with your blog. If that is how you look after rehearsal then there is no hope for any of us.