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so not eventful. but i had a fabulous week.

not that it’s a big deal, or that you even care, but Josh wore a bowtie to church on Sunday. It made my day.

cockroach infestation found inside the motor of the fridge in the dance hallway at Juilliard. Witnessed thousands of little roaches fleeing for their precious lives as the Janitor sprayed. And I quote “I haven’t seen anything that bad since the housing projects.” -the Janitor.

heath ledger dies.
enough said.

I get my fingers stuck in the hand held blender as I try to make some dessert crepes before bed. And I wasn’t even thinking about Heath.

my name is Matilda for the day. I am mostly human, but I’m also part kitten and panda bear. It started at 9am in acting class and somehow followed me around the rest of my day.

skipped my afternoon class to get aquainted with my new shampoo. which, by the way, I’m fully endorsing. Brilliant Brunette, by John Frieda.

i have sneezed a whopping total of 14 times already today and it’s not even noon. guess that means I’m going to be wayyyyy rich. show me the money.

I also spit 8 feet and 4 inches outside. Josh measured. Record for the Davis family.

and I’m still inlove with this one. forever and ever.
  1. becca

    details on the cockroaches and your new name matilda please. very curious.
    p.s. i love this post. you are too cute.

  2. Rebecca

    What? Josh wore a bowtie to Church? Of course I missed it. And I’m glad you liked it. Being myself married to a man who likes to sport the bowtie, and being myself a little embarrassed every time he does, it would have been good for me to see someone whose taste I respect making the same fashion choices as someone whose taste I try (unsuccessfully) to dictate.

  3. naomi. please call asap so we can cry together over heath. also, this was great.