kisses all around.

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She’s opening tomorrow. I’d be lying if I said I’m only getting one.
Thank you, Magnolia Bakery, for making your new location conveniently on my way to and from school every single day. We were already best friends, but I have a feeling we’re going to be taking this to a whole new level now.
I hope Josh doesn’t get jealous.
See you tomorrow.
  1. i love this bakery! dan and i need to plan a trip to new york to see you guys and go here. how many locations do they have?

  2. becca

    love it.

  3. So…did you go opening day? If so, any difference in taste?

  4. mmmm. you bet I did. and they didn’t disappoint. splendid it was, really.

  5. E.F.G.

    this is bad news for me. i am able avoid the indulgence b/c to get them is such a trip. but now, this close, right on the UWS, two subway stops away….i’m in trouble. wonderful, delicious, cupcake trouble.

  6. what location did you go to? i love the one on the west side. probably my favorite.