holiday break. 4 weeks of nada.

I’ll admit, I did intend to at least walk, jog, stretch…. point my toes maybe once.
But since I’ve been out of school and performances since the 16th of December, all those high hopes, expectations, dreams….nada.
Don’t get me wrong, relaxation was awesome, but I go back to classes and rehearsals on Monday and it’s making me nervous. Most of my classmates have been in Europe all winter break, auditioning their little fannies off to land a job come May.
Mmmm, I’ll be the one hiding in the back of the studio next week trying my hardest not to huff and puff as I use all the wrong muscles to lift my leg.

  1. whatever. your leg will still be higher than everyone elses leg. please girl. you never stretch and it’s always up.