where has my bearded man gone?

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Last December, Josh had a beard.
It stayed around until February.
I miss it far more than I should.

The beard at it’s fullest.
I sat in his bathroom and watched him shave it all off the day he got rid of it. I pouted like crazy.
I’m learning my pouting has never really gotten me anywhere with Josh. A shame too since I’ve really perfected my pouty face over the years.

  1. We remember your sexy bearded man last winter. We remember. Dan had a beard a few weeks in October, it was nice. I miss it too.

  2. Not bad! Have you seen Dan? He’s going on three weeks…it’s so full and soft. I love it.

  3. Rebecca

    I had a bearded man once. But now he has a “real job” so I get nothing. Still, this inspired me and I’m going to try to convince him again.