to husband. love taza.

Dear Josh,

I like when you make up silly songs and sing them on the subway platform, or at home, or when we’re standing in long lines. I like the little gestures or hand phrases that always accompany these songs.

I like all your different, colorful and not-matching socks. I like when you considerately put your used contact lenses in the trash can rather than sticking them on the wall.

I like crying with you because we are laughing so hard, or when I am (slightly) choking because you make me laugh with a mouthful of food (Okay, I take this one back, I only like this in retrospect.)

I like your scruff and bright green tennis shoes. I like your little text messages, long voicemails, random emails.

I like how forgiving you are of all my silly mistakes or things I say when I’m moody. I like when you tell me I’m smart after I say the dumbest comment on earth. I like how you are patient with me, take such good care of me, embrace my weirdness and don’t laugh at me when I make up lame dance moves or silly sounds imitating instruments.

I like how I feel performing onstage when I know you’re in the audience for the fifth time in a row that week. I like when we make up random dances together. I love your awesome dancing skills and ta-ta-ta musicality. I also like when you bust out all your sentences with rhymns or songs and they get stuck in my head all day long.

I like our secret signals, phrases and codes. I like our little dates, our conversations, and our prayers. I enjoy our taxi cab, zip car, and subway rides. I like our tea parties and secret blanket forts. I like that you always remind me about glitter.

I love my ring. And that you designed it all by yourself. I like that you try not to say too much about my nail biting habit. P.S. I’m working on this!

I like hearing you talk about our future family and life together. I love thinking of you as a future father. I like your kind words and gentle touch, your thoughtful actions and gestures. I love you for accepting me as I am.

You make me feel like the most beautiful woman, the luckiest girl, and the happiest person on this earth. Happy 6 months of marriage, husband.

I love you.


  1. Sarah

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  2. Anonymous

    it looks like you two have had a perfect six months. i am sure it was not all perfect, !, but you know, from where i stand, envy is somewhere around here. congrats!

  3. marta

    oh wow. you are such a cute newlywed couple. hip, trendy and madly in love. this is the way all good lives together should begin. xo.

  4. Sarah P

    Naomi, you and Josh are seriously awesome. I want to steal all your pretty ideas for my wedding. I want to be you. Secretly.

  5. what a sweet glimpse into your newlywedded bliss. so lovely.

    ps: i hope its okay, but i featured your blog on mine, because i fell in love with it :D

  6. yay! so excited i found your blog. and i’m obsessed with it already.

  7. Landon

    your life is envious naomi reid.

  8. Sierra

    This is so sweet Naomi! Your wedding photos are BEAUT-IFUL. The best I’ve seen around.