Oh Christmas Tree!

so… she is finally up! i couldn’t be happier.

we are so excited for christmas in the city.
and side note:
connor came over for dinner tonight so we were finally able to play clue. we’ve been trying to play for months with just two players {we didn’t realize at the time we bought it that it required more than 2 players. and yes- we tried more than once to play with just 2. doesn’t work.} we were pretty happy connor was able to help us out here…

and this is what happens after dinner + board games.
connor reading. husband on computer.
i guess we’re not very good hosts, or something.

finally, a little interaction.
  1. Anonymous

    Your tree is beautiful little lady! I love the decorations and pretty lights!


  2. Rebecca

    So jealous. I live in hopes that someday soon we too will enjoy such festivity. Also, we’ll play Clue with you anytime. I call Miss Scarlet. And the rope.

  3. I LOVE IT!! You guys are so cute and so festive! I wish we were getting a tree this year.. we’re leaving soon though so not sure how worth it it is. I’ll frequent your page to borrow yours when I need to xmas spirit! It looks fantastic!