newest obsession & replacement for boring yoga

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“The body was designed to move and movement is the great elixir of life. Where there is lack of movement life becomes stagnant and stale. Human life is a mind/body event. Simply put, what you think affects your body and what you do with your body affects your thinking. So if you wish to improve or change the output of this continuum you are best served by addressing both.”

I must say, I’m going to stop bashing my school so often. Maybe refrain from doing so everything other day… or maybe just once a week. Or something like that.
I’ve come to notice, Juilliard can have its perks. (and now, excuse me as a brag for a moment about my newest obsession, thanks to Juilliard.)

Juilliard brought in Eric Franklin for the past 2 weeks to work with my senior class. Mr. Franklin has developed a new way of training the body as well as the mind by combining scientific and anatomical analysis with imagery and movement exercises. His new technique is called The Franklin Method and is a completely new way for training the body and mind.

I’ve found in this short time already that by applying Franklins methods to my dancing, performing, and especially my mind in general, I’ve improved my technique as well as my intention for what I’m doing daily, even outside the classroom. Franklin focuses alot on the inner voice of negativity, and how to address it positively and use what you’re getting from it to move forward. It’s absolutely fascinating how much my body has changed, how the pain has lessened, and my mind has begun to process things in life differently. Example: No joke, I was excited to go to school this week.

I’d also like to take this moment to address how productive this 2 week workshop has been compared to my anatomy class last year where all I’d do to pass the time with my fellow classmates was apply tape to my self, face included. Please see photo to your left.

  1. Anonymous

    awesome! i hate yoga too. i think we may have had this conversation already. thank you for being so passionate about movement naomi. it makes me want to get up and move around every few minutes at my desk. i miss you.


  2. Anna

    You guys had him for 2 weeks? Awesome! I almost forgot about that guy. We had him for 2 short classes in the middle of dress rehearsals and felt so cheated! I am totally going to look him up again.


    p.s. love what you’ve done with the place! Blogging is the Bomb.

  3. I just saw this old post, and i had to stop by to tell you how you look like Selma Blair on this picture! :)