I never take my vitamins, but I have a plastic toy camera that takes mind boggling photos.

Since this summer, when Leo, our photographer for our wedding whipped out this cheap plastic toy camera and told us to go stand facing the sun for a photo, I’ve wanted one. I admit, at first I was skeptical. We were paying him big bucks for wedding photos, and this rinky dink toy he was snapping my-really-big-day with made me wonder if everything was okay. But now I’m trying to figure out where I’ve been my whole life, not knowing a camera like this existed.

Josh, my lovely husband, who bought me way too many fancy things for Christmas, bought me my very own Holga. And I must say, this little thing, the plastic lens and all, is by far my favorite gift.
Now I get to go attempt to take photos like these…

I can’t wait.

  1. Sierra

    excited to see what the new plastic will do to your already awesome photos!

  2. i stumbled across your site and fell hard for the photos. i love them!! and now i’m researching the holga camera you mentioned. which “pack” did you get? i’m kinda sorta trying to convince my hubby to agree that we also need to purchase one. please let me know how your holga works out for you :)i’m smitten with it now.