holiday love.

We spent Saturday afternoon
at the Farmers Market
and little Holiday Market/ Boutique at Union Square.

My man bought me some hot apple cider.
I was really happy about this…

Here is my love admiring all the window decorations.

Union Square.

Husband again, he’s quite handsome.

I have always been inlove with little markets.
My hot apple cider, again.

We went to Fishs Eddy,

and I found this beautiful teacup display.

I was in heaven.

I’m starting to like dishes far more than I should…

And here is the ABC Carpet and Home store.

I had never been before.

But I’ll be back now… such pretty things and clever ideas.

I really love this man.

And, this chair. Yes, I love this chair, too.

And my life. I really love my life aswell.

I also love being on a 4 week Holiday break from school.

How thoughtful of them, really.

  1. Stephanie Jacobs

    NAOMI! I found your blog! You are so beautiful and I love all your cute pictures! Married life seems to suit you perfectly! Congrats on everything!

  2. Sierra

    Hi Naomi, I didn’t think you had a blog but I did a random google search for you since I lost your contact info. This blog address came up! Naomi, I had heard rumors you were engaged a while back but I had no idea it all had taken place! You and your husband look so inlove and it makes me jealous of your always awesome life! I would love to chat sometime, and if you don’t mind I do believe your blog will be one of the few browsed daily by me!