blackberry lemonade

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Balducci’s has been selling blackberries this past week for $2.99. So maybe, I’ve been faithfully snacking on them everyday in between rehearsals, classes, on the train, at the apartment. Maybe they are replacing my dill pickle snacking habit. 
Because of this, I’ve had blackberries in my bag all week long. So on Saturday night, when Josh and I had dinner at The Cafeteria in Chelsea, it didn’t seem weird to me to pull them out of my bag and stick a few little berries into my blackberry lemonade. Actually, it sounded perfect. And I did. And it was amazing. Highly recommended by…me! 
The beautiful blackberry lemonade….

I love the beautiful blackberry lemonade!

Husband even likes the beautiful blackberry lemonade.

  1. YUM! That looks very delicious- great idea Naomi! It was fun to catch up with you guys.. we’ll get together for sure when we get back. Merry Christmas!

  2. Naomi, I totally had a dream last night that you and I went and bought blackberries together. If I weren’t in finals, I’d call you and make it come true.