and so this is Christmas

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This is my first Christmas spent away from home. (Or my old home, I should say.) And with Christmas, being the big holiday it is for me, I’d like to state that this is a really big deal.

Unlike Josh, who has spent quite a few holidays away from his family in places like, oh, Italy, I would like to pretend this is the final and last step of me becoming a big girl this past year.

Josh and I are spending the holiday here in New York, by ourselves. We made this decision a few months ago when we decided we wanted to start our own Davis family traditions now rather than later.

Yesterday, during the beautiful Christmas program at church, it hit me that I’m not going to be with my family on Christmas day, but a few days after. It’s the first Christmas where I won’t be waiting on the staircase with my 4 younger siblings for Dad to put the video camera away already so we can hurry up and get to what Santa brought us, or sit around our fireplace the night before as Dad reads us the story of the Christmas Orange before we each get to open one gift before Christmas day. It’s also the first Christmas where I won’t be eating all my mom’s gourmet cooking, namely, the prime rib (I wish Josh wasn’t so fond of Ham) and all those Ukrainian side dishes I have no idea how to spell.

During this realization at church I started to wonder if I really am okay with this. I began to panic just a little and wondered if we’d made the decision in a moment of excitement and didn’t really consider the situation entirely. I looked over at Josh, my adorable husband sitting next to me, and realized I really am happy just about anywhere he is. This holiday is going to be great. I cannot wait to spend Christmas as just the two of us.

This past weekend really felt like Christmas. We played Christmas music in the apartment nonstop, spent all day Saturday shopping for gifts (Josh finally hinted to a few things he wouldn’t mind getting) and saw NYCB’s the Nutcracker that evening. I like the new traditions which are taking place, and I’d also like to say, I really like my husband.

We took a photo by the tree at Lincoln Center. The guy who took it doesn’t have very awesome-photo-taking-skills…it’s a blurry mess. But I love the tree and the idea of a good photo next to the tree so whatever.

Merry Christmas!

  1. Jen Harris

    Naomi! I love those ornaments! How was Christmas in NY? I hope we’ll get to see you when you are in Utah next week!

  2. Jen Harris

    p.s. I have a new number, but instead of posting it for all the world to see, email me when you are here and I’ll send it to you!!

  3. yay for christmas alone with your husband! I wish we could do this this year…but alas someday it will happen!!