you shall be missed, 2007.

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Hello 2007. You were really good to me. Thanks for the beautiful memories. You’ll forever be tagged in my head as one of my favorite years yet….

a few reasons why:

In 2007, I….

got engaged inside a secret blanket fort in my apartment a ridiculous diamond ring was put on my finger (it wasnt even my birthday!) got a husband got bangs made the very lady like decision to stop biting my nails signed my intent to graduate form for May of next year discovered pinkberry and found yet another new obsession also discovered I like Britney’s new song, Gimme More.... Read more

holiday love.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Farmers Market and little Holiday Market/ Boutique at Union Square. My man bought me some hot apple cider. I was really happy about this…

Here is my love admiring all the window decorations.

Union Square.

Husband again, he’s quite handsome.

I have always been inlove with little markets. My hot apple cider, again....

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