They think Space Ships look cool, or something.

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Thank you, dear Juilliard, for deciding to turn my school into a Spaceship in the midst of me getting my degree. Ah, how I love coming to school each day and taking a ballet barre to the lovely music of a giant drill and rehearse in the afternoons to none other than the chain saw. It’s doing wonders for my education! Really.

  1. just discovered your blog and i love, love, love your pictures. who was your photographer and how do i get him/her?! also love the crazy enjoyment of just spending time with your other half. cody and i could waste hours trying to blow air into each others faces. sadly that game does not make for such cute pictures! we will link you to our blog and hope the construction stops soon so you can dance to real music again!-bEth

  2. I think it looks kind of nice. It will stand out in NY….so different.