The First Thanksgiving

We had a beautiful day! So much to be thankful for, so blessed. 

{yes, maybe I stood on top of the trunk to take a photo of my lovely red tulips! and yes, maybe that is my busted compaq computer in the background.}

I made my first ever Sweet Potato Pie yesterday with the help of Sumaya! It looks like Pumpkin Pie, but it’s not, it’s Sweet Potato! {and it tastes better…}

(Maybe this is my new favorite picture of husband. Maybe I think he’s really handsome.)

{side note: husband and I didn’t trigger the fire alarm in our apartment once, and the turkey actually turned out lovely! Husband is such a wonderful cook. Come over if you want left overs, we have more than plenty.}
  1. How BEAUTIFUL is your spread!? Did you use traditional family recipes or bust out some new moves?

  2. Landon

    Janalyn gave me your blog address. I still dont have one, just the myspace account. I browsed through all your photos and you are still livin the life pretty lady. Give me a call sometime and update me. Glad youre well.