I’ve never turned down a double dog dare…

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in fact, once as a little girl I was dared to throw my pants up in a tree by my friends (we were in my backyard–semi private and secluded area). The pants got stuck. It was a nightmare. My dad had to get them out of the tree later that night. Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this on my blog as it’s something I’m not too proud of. I should keep that childhood memory hidden away so the scarring can heal.

But Marci has double dog dared me to write 6 facts about myself… and for some reason this doesn’t seem as awful a thing as my pants stuck in some tree can be.

1. I am a Licensed Ham Radio Operator. In fact, I got my Ham Radio License when I was ten years old. Nerd alert!!! My call name is KC7YLN. I studied so hard to pass that test but I don’t remember much now…

2. I can eat Dill Pickles out of the jar all day long. Before breakfast, after, middle of the night. I do it all the time. Josh isn’t too fond of this habit, he hates pickles. But that just means more for me!!!

3. I bite my nails. And I don’t plan on quitting. Even though I should. I blame the chomping habit on my weak cuticles, which I think has everything to do with how many pickles I eat.

4. This summer I had to go to criminal court for two court summons. Both, a little too ricidulous to write about. Lets just say, I’ve never been pulled over for a speeding ticket in my life but my bike got me a criminal record.

5. After a long time searching, I found my dream vintage wedding gown in the basement of a bridal shop in Lehi, Utah. The owner had kept my dress, with a collection of others like it since the ’60’s so her daughters could play “dress up”. I am all about dress up. I was all about my perfect dress too.

6. I can balance on high half toe on one foot for 8 1/2 minutes. Yes, the ball of my foot is very bruised afterwards but hey, someone has to do it.

Obviously I’m not as awesome as I wish I was…
but for some reason, I’m okay with this.

  1. I used to drink pickle juice. Sick huh?

  2. Anonymous

    You kill me girl. I love it.

  3. J + N,

    Just discovered your blog through Nikkis. I need to link more married people on mine…so you guys are added…plus i think you guys are boss