Holidays on Ice

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I think one of the first times I realized I liked Josh was when we were spending an afternoon at Barnes and Noble last fall. We were browsing the short essays section (only the greatest area of the bookstore!) when I pulled out Dress Your Family in Denim and Corduroy by David Sedaris and told Josh to read the story Let It Snow (you can read the short essay here). I left him alone for a few minutes and wandered away. I was only a few book cases down when I heard him begin to laugh and realized I sort of liked Josh Davis …alot. Let It Snow is our favorite holiday story. So is Sedaris’ book of small holiday essays, Holidays on Ice.
Being obsessed with the holidays, I read this book twice last year before halloween came. Then I made Josh read it (after I discovered in the bookstore that day that he had the potential of loving David as much as I did). Then, for Christmas, Josh bought me all of Sedaris’ books on CD and I listened to this book again three more times. I just pulled out the CD’s today. It’s time. And highly recommended by the Davis family.

  1. Oh…I always love a good read. Thanks for the reccommendation.

  2. Mara

    i love that book! David Sedaris is so funny!

  3. as if i wasn't already a huge fan of this blog, i somehow stumble upon this post-

    i grew up and currently reside in the mountains of western north carolina and this story is one of my absolute favorites. ever. david sedaris in general. but i LOVE LOVE LOVE short stories like these, and little bits of fun provided by taza&husband.; thanks for making the internet world a little more unique.