His name is Ohad.

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Just returned home from BAM where we saw the Batsheva Dance Company perform. All I can say is……

The company is based in Israel under the direction of Ohad Naharin. In my opinion, nothing comes close to Ohad’s work and probably won’t for a long time. Truly inspiring. I idolize this man. I had the pleasure of personally working with him yesterday at school along side my senior class on a piece of his repertory, Echad, which we are fortunate enough to be performing for Senior Showcase in May. I think every dancer atleast at Juilliard aspires to perform or work with Ohad atleast once in their career. It’s a tough wish to have in this world right now but I feel very luck to have had it come true. I wouldn’t know where to begin with writing about the experience. I’m just thankful for the opportunity to have been personally coached by such a genius and privileged enough to perform his work this Spring. You can read more about Batsheva and Ohad here.

  1. nikki

    Even though that is a still picture sans movement… it looks beautiful. I would love to see your showcase in May.

  2. This is my favorite dance company! I didn't realize that you went to Juilliard, it must have been amazing. I was just watching a special on your school on Ovation TV. You are so lucky to have danced with Ohad.