Haru = yummy sushi

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Originally headed to Union Square to eat at Steak Frites in celebration of Josh’s new and amazing job offer, but Steak Frites has gone bye-bye in NYC and we were clueless to this news. So we wandered around a bit in the cold and landed at Haru. Good times.

Josh and his pretty salmon platter…
What’s left of my Rainbow Roll (forgot to take a photo when the food came…) and let me say, this is the first time Naomi has eaten this much raw fish. So pat on the back for me!!!!!
Josh’s red bean ice cream….(personally I say ewww to this ice cream choice.)
Just us.

  1. CrAzY– the wedding is just around the corner! Lots to finish up, but its coming together. staying here for another 2 years at least.. just got a place on 53 and 9th. where r you guys living? Congrats on the new job offer Josh!! Nice video btw- you should start charging for the show =) very entertaining.

  2. Becky

    This is probably a really weird question but I saw on one of your other posts that Josh is lactose intolerant? Does he take some kind of supplement to counter his symptoms—that way allowing him to eat ice-cream? Love the blog!