1. Janalyn

    BEAUTIFUL APARTMENT!!!!!!! (and thanks for getting back to comment boxes…. I know you missed me…)

  2. Rebecca

    Naomi, I had to laugh becuase I read your post on loving Christmas and then scrolled down to see pictures of your studio. And I swear, are those Christmas lights dangling above the sink? Right next to the pumpkin? Maybe you guys always have lights up, but still, all this festivity. I’m very impressed. And a huge congratulations on Josh’s job. Levi told me last night. I was really happy for him.

  3. Yes those are indeed Christmas lights…and no, they do not count. Those are more an all-year thing… i need a Christmas tree now!!! gah!!! And thanks Rebecca, we’re so excited about Josh’s job too!!! And it means we’ll be in the city for a few more years too!

  4. Kitty

    So jealous! I'm waiting for mine to get a transfer so we can focus on getting a place of *ours* :)