Halloween will soon be here….

…Ghosts and goblins will appear!

Yes yes, I know…Hannah and I were darling little children!! Gasp!
(but please actually take a minute and notice I am wearing a little tutu –and basically frolicked about my entire childhood wearing one… and Hannah’s pumpkin is actually puking with string!)

Ha… ok, ok…
But actually, Halloween is almost here and I told Josh tonight I want to try to cook a pumpkin stew inside a carved out pumpkin this weekend. My mom used to do it all the time and I’m really in the mood for it. We had sweet potatoes tonight with dinner and this perhaps has influenced my new idea for festive-pumpkin-based meals, just because. I also love scooping out pumpkin guts with my bare hands and roasting the pumpkin seeds in the oven with salt. Oh my gosh— I make myself so hungry sometimes.

I’m actually not really a fan of Halloween. But I do love this time of year… sweater weather, chilly air, pumpkins, the best apples at the farmers market, warm cider or hot cocoa and the beautiful arrangement of colorful leaves all over the trees. Fall hasn’t exactly happened here in the City yet (a tad bit disappointed…) but when it finally does arrive, I’m ready to welcome it with a pretty pumpkin stew!!!

And I am not dressing up this year… I’m still loathing at the fact that my outfit last Halloween didn’t win any prizes at the Juilliard Halloween dance. (and no, Josh wouldn’t come with me to the dance. I am still upset about this…)
Here we are at the dance, Carolyn and I were 20’s flapper girls, Chanel was a pumpkin, Lucie was a pirate, Collin was a drunk white trashy person… I forget what his “official title” was again. He had a sexy mullet though, that’s for sure.
Chanel and me (yes, I enjoyed being a pretend smoker with my fake cigarette on a pipe from Ricky’s very much, thank you, and yes, I am aware I made the same pose for almost every photo too…–thank you husband for pointing that out after the dance.)
The drunk and flapper girl.
Why I didn’t win is beyond me. ;)

Josh and I will just be our normal selves this year…which means, we’re running around town as your envious rock star couple.

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