Almost….Merry Christmas.

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My favorite time of year is almost here. Christmas time.

This weekend, the lights on the trees were put up around the upper west side and Christmas decorations are starting to take over window displays. I am still trying to persuade husband to let us get a Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving, but he’s pretty adamant no decorations go up until after Turkey Day. Regardless, I can’t wait to fully embrace the holiday spirit.

Last year my roommate Collin and I bought a tree that was only three feet tall for our apartment. I had always imagined that once I had my own place, I’d go all out with the biggest tree I could find. However, we went tree shopping after a late, all day rehearsal and we didn’t really have the strength or will power to stick to the plan. The next morning though as I looked at it I have to say I was slightly disappointed. 
A few days later husband and I bought a gigantic tree for his place which made me feel slightly better. We had to haul it awkwardly up 6 flights of stairs and my arms were sore for a week, but it made me feel better. And decorating husbands tree with him in his old apartment is a memory I will forever hold onto. Such a good day.
This year my plan remains the same…big big BIG tree. I know we have a teeeny tiny apartment but hey…all the better. Christmas everywhere in 2A!!!

I used to have this fake-mini-Christmas tree from Bed Bath and Beyond that came pre-lit with mini ornaments from Freshman year in the Juilliard dorm. Whenever I was having a bad day I’d pull it out from my closet in my dorm and put it up. Hate to say it, but that thing was up for pretty much my entire two years of dorm life. Not because every day of the first two years of college were horrible, but because I started to miss it whenever I took it down. I don’t have it anymore. It got lost in storage with some of my roommates percussion equipment during the summer of our sophomore year. Whatever. Eventually I learned there were other things in life to cheer me up each day besides a Christmas tree. 
…But I still want to sneak one into the apartment in the next few weeks when Josh isn’t looking.
  1. Emily

    i thought you already put up a tree…according to facebook.