Mountain Man Rendevous at Ft. Bridger, WY

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Each year, over Labor Day, my family (including our dog Buster) haul our big tipi up to Fort Bridger, a mountain man rendevous in Wyoming for the weekend. Over 2,000 people attend, where you trade or barter, camp out with other families in old tipi’s, eat dutch oven cooking over a fire, see some pretty sweet sites, and meet some very interesting people. There are barn dances and old-fashioned activities. On Sunday morning they hold an amazing Sacrament meeting outdoors in the woods with the bearing of testimonies. It’s probably the most spiritual thing I’ve ever attended. I didn’t get to go this year, but Josh and I are planning on going with the family next year.

Here they are at Fort Bridger, having an awesome time!
And, my amazing mother sewed all the pioneer clothing they are wearing because she is capable of anything imaginable. She is ridiculous.

Isaac traded some beads for the turtle-shell pouch he is wearing. He also is a great little negotiater, and bought my mom a beautiful walking stick which he talked down the price from $60 to $35. He’s pretty awesome for being 9 years old.

My family is beautiful and pretty rad.

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