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It’s amazing to think that Josh and I have been married only a little over 3 months now. To me, it feels like June 19th was years ago and we’re going on our 30th wedding anniversary. Not that it’s a bad thing, I guess we’ve just come a long way since June. I think you learn more than you expect to learn as a newly wed. Compromising, sharing, living with another person (not to mention sharing a full size bed with another person) really teaches you a few things about yourself. Since I was little I always thought I’d know exactly who I was by blank age, or blank date, or blank year. As of June, I’m learning I am constantly changing and will probably never have myself pinned down just right in this lifetime. I’m also learning this is okay…. and actually, much better than forcing myself into some category or sentence of “who am I.”
Overall, the past few months of marriage have been just fabulous. We’ve definitely had our bad minutes, or days, and on occasion weekends, but when the good days outweigh the bad by a gazillion little swedish fish, what can you complain about….really?

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