252 days until we graduate…. Holla!

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Last Tuesday night was quite a night. Besides alot of drama which went down, my friends and I went on our last Juilliard Cruise…as, SENIORS. Yes, we finally have made it to this point. And what an amazing school year it will be. We’re working with Robert Battle and we’re doing Ohad Naharin’s Minus 16 for our Juilliard Senior Showcase! And, we’ve almost got them BFA’s in our little pockets!I could not be happier finishing up school with my beautiful class. I love all of them so much. They are my family.
It’s also so exciting to go into my last year at school with my new husband by my side. Although I am the only student in the entire school as an undergrad who is married, I couldn’t be happier about it. I love my Josh Davis very much. And I probably wouldn’t be able to do this last year if he weren’t in my life.
And, side note: Ugh…getting back to school was absolutely thrilling. I loved my lazy summer but it feels so good to be moving again with such inspiring and liberating people! I know I always make a huge deal about how I can’t wait to graduate and end this very intense chapter of my life, but I will most likely cry every night too missing everything about my life at the jail yard.
And, since school has started as of Thursday, I would like to declare myself the most sore person on this earth. The end.
A few of my beautiful friends. Class of ’08!
L-R: Collin, Sumaya, Me, Sarah, Buddy (his head is chopped off because Sarah is attemtping to give us a little Cover-of-Vogue-Magazine action here), Chanel, Dwayne, Nigel, Carolyn. Alaina, Brett.

Sarah, Carolyn, and me in a taxi on our way to our last Cruise on th Hudson as students.
Us, again. We are lovers. I love my girls.
(and yes, that is a HUGE bruise on Sarah’s left arm but it isn’t what you’re thinking, the girl just bruises far too easily if you even touch her. True story.)
Collin and me. My old roommate and great friend.
Sumaya and me. My other fabulous roommate and such an amazing person!

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