Chalk Board Wall Style…

After Josh and I got engaged back in March, we put my chalk board wall in my old bedroom {in my old apartment} to use and made a count down until the big day… It was so fun to cross the days off, one by one until our wedding and until the day I’d make this man my husband forever.... Read more

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Davis

{you should click to enlarge this photo so see just how many freckles i really have. ugh. thanks dad.}

June 19th 2007. i love husband. ... Read more

All for the love of a cupcake…

in may, josh and i headed out to jersey with friends in our lovely little zip car to pick up a big bulk order of cupcakes for our little engagement party that evening…

we went inside….

…and joined the membership club! 

^^^^josh was a little confused with all the aisles and space in sams club!^^^^^

question mark on top of our MARRIAGE cake????... Read more