It all started with a tea party…

march 8th was one of the best days of my life. mainly, because josh gave me this, and asked me to marry him.other highlights of our day:

  • husband took me to my favorite place–alice’s tea cup
  • we went on a freeezing stroll in central park {josh was determined to go there regardless of the cold and my complaining of the cold}
  • we read children’s books in the children’s section at barnes & noble {something we had done several times together}
  • we constructed our most amazing secret-blanket-fort which took over my old apartment
  • and we had dinner at gramercy tavern after this little proposal went down {inside the blanket fort}
{and–josh designed and picked out this ring all on his own. i must say, he knows me really well! and even though we’d been talking about marriage for a few months and had maybe been ring shopping a few times, i was SHOCKED, SURPRISED and NOT EXPECTING it so soon. good job, husband. i love you.}

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