There is no reason really for this post, except that I love this polaroid photo of my husband and me and it makes me very happy.
It’s on our fridge, along with a few other polaroids of the two of us.
I bought Josh a polaroid camera for his birthday in January before we were married… it was meant for him to take lots of polaroids while he was in Italy over spring break (he was supposed to use his travel journal as well which I also bought him—never happened)… but the camera has actually begun to serve other purposes… like, taking silly or random photos of the two of us.
We didn’t take this polaroid with our camera though. This one is from Caitlin’s wedding. Technically, we stole it.
Not really… but sort of.
I love husband. And polas.
  1. Anonymous

    Naaaaaomi…. hey sexy lady. Thank you so much for sharing your blog. I loved your email! I feel like since we both deleted the myspaces months ago it’s been a lazy attempt to keep intouch! Mainly, because we both went and found ourselves husbands in the meantime and got ourselves new last names! yES. But I do miss you baby and want so badly to meet Josh! I loved your wedding photos in your wedding blog. STUNNING. You are a beautiful person inside and out and I miss your face and random comments…sooooo much!

  2. Heeeey pookie bottom!!! I linked your doodle to my doodle and now we are blog friends. Yeah, my blog can be…well, let’s just say intense. Your blog brings my blog joy. :)

  3. Anonymous

    That is the cutest picture ever but please tell me you did not wear a white dress to her wedding? (I bet it’s much more off white than it looks…)

  4. it’s not white. it is a light yellow.

  5. Hey! It’s so crazy, you are at the exact point in life that my husband and I are at right now. I’m moving to new york and graduate in 12 months from a musical theatre conservatory. The men at Julliard are such show offs…lol. I’m so jealous you got in there, I didn’t! You must have so much talent, congratulations on your love :)

  6. I remember this day… you two are adorable!