a little bit of blue.

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LOVE TAZA blue coat_-13

anyone that’s been in new york lately can attest to the fact that the weather has not been very much fun the past month or so. more like brutal, to put it kindly. this is the part of the year where i forget all about how much i hate the humidity in the summer on the subway car with broken air conditioning and just want someone to transport me back there, even for just a few minutes....

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FAQ: photography edition, part III!


Getting YOU in the Photo

let’s talk about getting photos with everyone in them! because those are so important and special to me. i also wanted to talk about the importance of getting YOU in them! (talking to you mamas who are often the picture-takers…) i think sometimes we’re so focused on taking a picture of the kids, or dealing with other things happening at the same time around us, that you aren’t in any of the shots and it’s a bummer when you look back....

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our morning routine!

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i’ve had a lot of requests for some day in the life type of posts, and while each day tends to look different from the next over here (at least the work part for josh and me), our morning routine is very consistent, so i thought i’d start with that!

one of the things josh and i have noticed as a few of our kids have entered the age of school years, is that our kids really thrive on structured consistency....

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my small improvements list for 2018…


the idea of setting resolutions or goals for the new year felt so incredibly daunting and annoying to me this year, in the midst of my daily barfing, constant fatigue and pure will to simply survive this next stretch of the twin pregnancy (as well as all the months of crazy after the twins actually arrive.)  is it absolutely frightening to admit my word for 2018 is something along the lines of “survive”?!  ...

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