happy father’s day!

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happy father’s day to all the wonderful men out there that do so much!

i truly believe the¬†influence of a “father” in one’s life is huge. i’m thankful for my own dad, for his optimism and sense of humor, for his love¬†for adventure and family, and for being there for his kids… always.

i know the little ones and i¬†feel extra lucky to have such a good man¬†in our home who treats¬†his role¬†of¬†“papa” with complete dedication, respect and love. he’s a really really good dad and he just adores his babies and i know¬†they adore him back.

this last year has been such a big blessing for us in the sense that Рas josh and i have worked hard together on our smaller businesses like this blog of mine for 5 plus years now, we were able to do something crazy last year as josh decided to resign from his corporate job to come into the home and work full time along side me on love taza and our other endeavors we have worked hard at and keep working hard at, as well as raise the kids full time together each day.

it’s a rare set up, and we count our blessings every day that we’re able to have this chance, and for the time¬†it give us to spend together with our kiddos in this season of their life. ¬†we feel very very lucky, and i especially feel it¬†as i watch josh juggle the business side of love taza, our collaborations, and other¬†projects and ideas we have tried and continue to work on…all while helping¬†with the kids in the home every day. i know he really loves being able to work each day and spend time with the kids¬†each day — teaching them and being there for¬†their milestones and building relationships with them that he hopes will endure their whole lives.

we sure do love you, papa. thanks for your good attitude always, your energy and enthusiasm for everything, for your patience and for making each of your kiddos feel so special and loved, everyday.

happy father’s day!!!

eight {8} years.


june is an exciting month around these parts because it’s not only¬†full of sunshine and birthdays and lots of summer treats, but also the time of year to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

today, josh and i celebrate 8 years of marriage!

sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that¬†i was this stupid giddy 19 year old girl going to college in new york city¬†trying so hard not to like this guy i was falling hard for because i was young and it didn’t fall into my “timeline of my life plan” (lol at my idiotic teenage self and thinking anything happened on “my” timeline) and also,¬†because¬†his last name was “davis” and i just thought that was as terrible and boring as last names could possibly come. ;)

but here we are, all these years later, with three beautiful children to sweeten the deal.

i love josh more than anyone will ever know. marriage is hard work, but it sets the framework for the deepest, most loyal friendship i have ever known. ¬†it’s where we see each other at our absolute bests and also where we see one another at our absolute very worst. but there is this level of love and commitment that makes it feel like the safest place. and knowing someone will always have your back, because you have theirs, is one of the greatest feelings.

i don’t doubt a few curve balls will be thrown at us in the years to come, and i’ll never claim to be an expert at this sort of thing because heaven knows we have loads to learn when it comes to married life, but there is no one i’d rather share this adventure with and as we celebrate the last 8 years of married life together today, i just want to express publicly¬†my sappy crazy feelings for the man in my life. because i still think he’s the bees knees and i love being married to him. and also, because i kinda sorta actually¬†like that my last name is “davis” now, which, if you knew my 19 year old self, you’d know is a really big deal.

happy 8 years of marriage, josh!

photo of us by katie rain.

celebrating 29!

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we’re currently in los angeles right now visiting friends and enjoying a little bit of that west coast summer. i also turned 29 years old yesterday (what the what) so we had an extra fun day in LA eating way too many treats and bursting out into the “happy birthday” song multiple times throughout the day.

i’ll share more later, but wanted to pop in and post some photos from our day yesterday! my family sure knows how to spoil me and make me feel so special. being with them, and having them in my life, it’s what makes me the happiest. grateful for every day with them and for all the love and kisses and drawings and happy birthday singing and extra hugs from my little crew. love them so…


birthday donuts from california donuts! delicious!


these dear friends of ours have been the best hosts. they know how to do LA and while we miss them in new york,¬†we couldn’t be more proud of all they are¬†up to.


the best birthday gifts in all the world are homemade cards and drawings. that’s a viking ship, by the way. ;)

2908 2906

flowers from my love! (they matched the flowers on my birthday cake! which kind of was such a thoughtful detail, it made my night!)


an afternoon at the observatory! and falling down and putting bandaids on “pretend” boo-boo’s to make them feel better. ;)

and not pictured is the meltdown that a sweet someone had as we left the observatory. the words “i’m not liking my family!” might have been shouted.¬†just thought it was worth mentioning for my own memory sake and also lest you think we don’t experience moments such as those¬†on occasion around here. it happens.


thank you to everyone for the kind birthday wishes and¬†messages yesterday! it made my day all the more wonderful. ¬†i have a lot of thoughts on getting older and sometimes i’m not sure i’m up for all this growing up and growing old stuff, but 28 was a good year¬†and i can’t wait to see what this next year has in store! hopefully a faster metabolism?! ¬†lol. a girl can dream.

ps. my dress is from cos. and shoes are from anthropologie.

win a trip for 2 to nyc and $1000 for shabby apple! (CLOSED)

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to celebrate shabby apple’s new beautiful sausalito collection, we’ve teamed up to giveaway a trip for 2 to my favorite city in all the world… NEW YORK CITY!!!

the winner will receive airfare to nyc for 2¬†people, a 2 night, 3 day hotel stay and a $1000 gift card to shabby apple to shop for a few fun outfits¬†in preparation for¬†your upcoming trip! you’ll¬†also¬†get to row boats in central park and¬†enjoy a meal together¬†at the iconic loeb boathouse,¬†all thanks to shabby apple!

see details of how you can enter to win at the bottom of this post!

in anticipation for this fun giveaway, josh and i had lunch at the boathouse a little while¬†ago and rowed a boat together in the park. ¬†it was a fun afternoon date, just the two of us. one of our favorite things to do in the city, as it’s something we’ve done a few times over the years and still¬†doesn’t get old. i felt fancy in my big sun hat and beautiful dress. i’m not kidding when i say four different people complimented me on it in the park. ¬†¬†a funny side note, but on one of our very first dates in new york city some 9 years ago (!!!!), we¬†ended up in central park and climbed up on these large rocks near the lake and talked until it was dark. i had no idea in the slightest on this outing together that¬†we’d be married a year later and have three kids 8 years later, but¬†what do ya know! it’s all working out great.¬†we actually walked back over to those rocks at the end of our afternoon together last week and i reminded josh about something i said there, and something he said back, and we laughed. ¬†gosh, keep journals you guys! they are GOLD sometimes when you start to forget things¬†as the years pass. ¬†journals don’t lie.

anyway, a few photos!




^^^the loeb boathouse in central park! it’s such a fun spot for a fancy meal because you are in the smack middle of central park, and get to sit right along side the water taking in such a great view of the city.^^^

shabby5 shabby10^^^so we ordered the sliders burgers to split and we were rather impressed! if you go, order them! delicious!^^^

shabby8shabby11 shabby1

^^^by the way, i felt like a pretty big deal when josh kept telling me how good my form was when i rowed. ;) compliments from a man who has spent many years¬†of his life on a crew team made me feel extra special. also, let’s talk about this pretty exposed zipper because it’s one of my favorite things about this dress.^^^


and last but not least, GIVEAWAY DETAILS! there are a couple different ways to enter!

to enter to win, visit shabby apple and then comment below¬†telling us¬†which dresses you’d choose for your upcoming trip!

you may also enter to win over on instagram¬†by following @shabbyapple’s instagram account and¬†commenting on this instagram¬†and tagging a friend you’d love to come along with you! you may enter as many times as you’d like on instagram,¬†but only tag one friend per entry (you can also just write out someone’s name, i realize sometimes a significant other or good friend you’d like to bring along might not have an instagram handle!)

the giveaway will close next tuesday, june 23rd at 12pm eastern. the winner will be chosen at random from both the blog and instagram entries and contacted directly.

like i mentioned above, the winner will receive airfare for 2, and a 2 night, 3 day stay in the city! the winner will also win a $1000 gift card to shop for their upcoming trip, plus a meal for 2 at the loeb boathouse and a complimentary boat rowing experience in central park.

ps. i’m wearing this shabby apple dress¬†from the sausalito collection.

good luck!!!

homemade sno cones!

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so summer in new york city is great, truly, i’m like a broken record and i know. BUT, there aren’t really any places to get sno cones in the city! just a whole lotta ice cream trucks and smaller helado stands near the playgrounds. but everyone knows that sno cones are where it’s at! (especially if you dump a bunch of condensed milk on top, but i’m trying to be better and not do that.) ¬†we used to trek down to the meatpacking district for some new orleans style snoballs but they have since moved back to new orleans (we visited them when we were there last summer! if you’re ever there, GO! best ever).

i ordered this hawaiian shaved ice machine a few weeks ago and we have been having some good fun making our own sno cones at home! it’s kind of a win win, too, because we’ve been making our own homemade toppings full of yummy vegetables and fruits so it’s easier to let the kids make these knowing there aren’t¬†any artificial sweeteners or color dyes. the recipes are below!


rolling the limes to get them prepped for squeezing out the juice! i didn’t know this was a thing but josh says it’s a thing. ¬†or it’s a thing now!


samson kept taking bites out of all the fruit he was in charge of adding to the blender! he ate a good fourth of our watermelon on this day. ha!

87328384976545 83478658196478582386534

i also found these little silicone sno cone cups and swirl straws, which have been great because you can reuse them and they DO NOT LEAK!


the strawberry watermelon mint is the kids favorite!



for your reference, here’s two recipes below for some toppings we enjoy!¬† we¬†feel like we shouldn’t to buy or use a special topping or special sweetened¬†syrup. you can just puree some fresh fruit as a healthy alternative. and adding a sprig of mint¬†is a great way to dress it up a bit!

mint strawberry watermelon recipe:

2 cups strawberry
1 cup watermelon
a few fresh leaves of mint
(puree or blend everything until it’s in a liquid form! it’s great to chill it in the fridge for a bit before serving on top of your ice so it doesn’t melt the ice as quickly.)

cucumber lime recipe:

1 english cucumber
1/8 cup agave syrup (or sugar)
juice from 2-3 limes
1/4 teaspoon coarse salt
1 1/2 cups water
(puree or blend everything until it’s in a liquid form. like the top recipe, we’ve noticed that chilling it in the fridge for a while before pouring over your ice keeps it from melting too quickly.)

and we used this hawaiian shaved ice machine and these cups and swirl straws. we also used this recipe as inspiration.