sleep and park pictures and stuff.

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i started writing this long post i wanted to share but¬†now it has gotten so late and all my kids are sleeping which means IF I DON’T GO TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW i’m¬†going to hate myself in the morning for¬†not sleeping while all three kids were sleeping. it’s been a battle my entire life to wake up in the morning and it hasn’t gotten any easier over the years, in fact i think it’s only gotten harder. it might be partly my fault because i find myself most productive late into the¬†night so that’s when i enjoy working and cleaning and spending time getting things done. but¬†it’s not new news¬†that¬†i’m a crankier mom and overall human being when i don’t sleep, so¬†i’m trying to do something about it. the post will have to wait to be finished tomorrow.

in the meantime, here are a couple of¬†photos from the park from the other day. we were at a doctors appointment and¬†after too many hours in a confined indoor space, we all needed to let some energy out and run free and play!¬† i loved these photos josh took of the littles ones and me playing together…

ps. pitch perfect 2 comes out tomorrow (!!!!!) and yes i already have my ticket! also you can watch the first episode of jim gaffigan’s new show that comes out in july on his website right now! i about died when i saw it was available! a perk of stalking the show on twitter i guess. it’s worth losing 20 minutes of sleep over. ;)

have a wonderful night and happy friday, everybody!

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ps. my fringed lace top is from anthropologie.¬†conrad’s moccs are from freshly picked. ¬†samson’s cute hot dog pretzel new york shirt was a gift from piccolini nyc.

ahoy, matey!

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we recently received the cutest little customized children’s books all about pirates from chronicle books for!¬†we love reading every day together a variety of books, but personalized books are somewhat new to us and the kids could’t get enough! we’re excited to team up with them today to share a new customizable¬†book with you called my pirate adventure!

it’s fun because both eleanor and samson are at ages where they like spotting their names or trying to sound out different words (mostly eleanor) in their books. so having a book that is all about¬†“captain eleanor” or “captain samson” with their own picture inside makes it all the more exciting!

a few photos from the first time we read the new books together….


they couldn’t wait to open them up when they saw their new books were about pirates!



it is extra fun to read each book, since each is customized differently for both eleanor and samson so that the pirate looks like them with the same hair color and look. their favorite color and initials are also featured throughout the book which is fun for them to spot.

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11KNEWJ45J23 112NG-KFDBi appreciated this tid bit on chores. ha! such a mom. ¬†but we’ve been trying to have the kiddos have more structured¬†responsibilities around the apartment (little things like making sure all the shoes are put away, or being in charge of¬†vacuuming the rug.) so it’s fun to note that pirates have chores too. ;)

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since we’re big into pirates right now, it only made sense that¬†eleanor’s pirate puppet that samson picked out for her last christmas¬†make an entrance during our story time. ¬†they couldn’t decide if he was a good pirate or a bad pirate, so he might have gone through one or two battles right then. ¬†poor guy!

also, is giving away 10 personalized books to 10 lucky readers on their facebook! head over here to enter.

thank you to chronicle books and for sending us our own pirate books! don’t forget to use the code LOVETAZA to receive 20% off your own pirate adventure book or one of their other personalized stories through may 31st!

the last week or so…

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a few photos from my iPhone from the last week or so… it was a good one! ¬†there was an entire day in there called freaking mother’s day, and my kind husband likes to make it a mother’s day weekend, not just day, so i felt a little bit spoiled and loved extra the past few days. ¬†in fact, i think my kids were catching on, because at one point during the weekend, eleanor asked, “so, when is children’s day?!” i laughed so hard because sometimes i feel like every day is “children’s day” when you are a mother. sweet girl. ¬†;)

ps. my red dress there is an oldie from anthropologie.


this chunky little dude is 5 months old this week. it’s just too much. ¬†he’s trying hard to get his legs under him when he’s on his tummy as he assumes the “crawl” position! he likes to scoot in that sort-of-pretend-crawl-phase and¬†he is crazy vocal making the silliest and loudest sounds throughout the day. ¬†samson used to make this deep grunting fake laugh as a baby and i’m not kidding, conrad is doing the same thing! i don’t know where he picked it up. but it’s hysterical that both boys have done it.


my man made me a killer lunch of nutella ebelskivers sunday afternoon. ¬†we’re keeping up with tradition over here,¬†and whipping out that fancy pan every mother’s day. thanks josh!


birthday parties for little friends in central park never seem to disappoint. just look at that view! who needs streamers or garlands or any sort of party decor when you have that. am i the most annoying broken record when i keep saying how much i love this stupid city?


i know summer has not officially begun, but it was 80 degrees yesterday and the water fountains are on and we aren’t mad about it. ¬†it’s going to be a wonderful summer of mommy and conrad¬†time as we watch E and S play.


on our way to sheep’s meadow after a delicious brunch at the smith on saturday! ps. we crammed all 5 of us into a photobooth. you can see it here. so silly.¬†hardly any room in there, but we’re busy¬†introducing conrad to what our family loves, and photobooths are high on that list. ¬†it’s almost like he knew what was up, too! it was a good time.

and also,¬† my highwaisted cropped jeans are found here. ¬†most of the sizes are out of stock now, but more can be found here. i’ve been on the search for some jeans like these forever and i can’t even believe what a good fit these are.


more parties for tiny friends in central park, you see what i mean?!¬†how cute are all those tiny firefighters putting out that pretend fire of colorful cups? and also i was walking a little ways behind josh on the sidewalk the other day as i pushed the stroller behind him. josh was carrying both boys like he is in this photo and as a few ladies passed him they started whispering to each other “that’s so hot! a dad holding babies…” as they walked by me. and i had to laugh! because it’s not just me that thinks this is IT. ¬†reminded me of this hysterical jim gaffigan preview for his new show, which i think i’ve talked about already cause i can’t help it. it’s my kind of humor and it’s what i find attractive.


across the table from me, sweetest little boy. and eleanor representing the davis family strong in an old shirt of josh’s that used to be his brothers before him. we do hand-me-downs right¬†in this home. ¬†i love it.


sheep’s meadow¬†with the family and also, my kids love when there are stacks of free newspapers around the city. they slide out of their stroller so fast to grab their own copies. ¬†the best is when they react to pictures and start telling stories of what they are “reading” around what the image looks like. ¬†samson occasionally will blurt out a “WHAT!” followed by an “oh man!” and we lose it. ¬†but i don’t think anything tops eleanor with her legs crossed in the stroller as she reads. ¬†someone recently asked me, “is it boring?” referring to having a family. ¬†i¬†was a little confused. ¬†it’s many things, and not all of them are glamorous or exciting all the time, but boring it is most certainly not.


and I JUST CAN’T with this photo. ¬†the amount of kisses those cheeks get from josh and me. makes the 2:30AM wake up calls and constant bouncing and spit up on every single article of clothing i own worth it. so so worth it. ¬†:)

comfortable walking shoes!

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SHOES SHOWN: brown booties (one, two, three), sneakers (metallic slip on superga sneakers, vintage nike sneakers, new balance sneakers, ballet flats (metallic, leather, suede), saltwater sandals and avarcas (pons with ankle strap, turks & caicos slingbacks, classic pons), birkenstocks (arizona, florida, milano)

here’s a quick round up ¬†of the shoes! not just any shoes, but the shoes i find to be the most comfortable (for me)¬†as summer shows up and it’s finally time to spend the majority of our days back outside in this beautiful city walking miles upon¬†miles upon¬†miles (truly, one of the best things about new york.)

this city¬†kicks my butt on a daily basis and one thing i’ve definitely learned is that i like the city a lot more¬†when my feet don’t hurt. ¬†i’m willing to give any shoe a good try, but if i know i’m going to be out all day and walking everywhere, i usually resort to one of these shoes of mine. ¬†having great arch support isn’t crucial for me, but i’ve noticed having something securing the back of my ankle truly helps (for example, the first pair of the birkenstock sandals shown, those are the ones i own and love!)

comfortable walking shoes!

brown booties (one, two, three)
i’m the biggest lover of an ankle boot. i wear them year round because i find them so comfortable and i love the look. ¬†i think investing in a great pair is worth it, and they last forever if you¬†maintain the heel at your local cobbler.

sneakers (metallic slip on superga sneakers, vintage nike sneakers, new balance sneakers)
i just bought those vintage nike sneakers and i’m embarrassed at how much i love them. mostly because of how much i used to hate them (sneakers) ¬†a few years ago. (ps, it’s a unisex size so size down!)

ballet flats (metallic, leather, suede)
i find that these flats¬†aren’t like other flats. they have just the slightest cushiony lift in the heel, and it seriously feels like heaven.

saltwater sandals
no arch support in these whatsoever, but for years they have¬†never given me issues. i’ve pretty much lived in the same red pair for ten years now and while i look like every other four year old in manhattan (probably the most popular kid shoe around here), i don’t care.

avarcas (pons with ankle strap, turks & caicos slingbacks, classic pons)
i tried a pair of classic pons for the first time last summer and am debating another pair this year. the bright colors are what get me. but also, COMFORT!

birkenstocks (arizona, florida, milano)
i feel like my mom more and more these days, especially since i’ve jumped on the birk wagon, but i don’t think a sandal comes better than these. so much so, i got them for my kids to wear this summer too.

there you have it! start walkin’!

happy mother’s day! and a wonderful charity, embrace.


with mother’s day approaching this sunday, i wanted to¬†bring awareness to such an incredible charity, embrace, which josh and i were recently introduced to by a friend a few months ago.

embrace has helped more than 150,000 babies across 10 countries around the world so far! hearing things like that give me chills.¬†¬†you can watch the¬†powerful video below to see how it all works, but¬†the embrace nest¬†is an easy and portable infant warmer used in NICUs and wards around the world where they need help taking care of newborns and keeping them warm. it does not need a continuous power supply and can be used when skin-to-skin care isn’t possible.

josh actually met with one of embrace’s¬†founders, jane chen, to learn more. we’re incredibly impressed and inspired by the work they are doing.¬†¬†we would love to help spread the word about¬†a new company that is helping the charity’s efforts to bring more embrace warmers¬†to babies in developing countries. ¬†the company is called embrace innovations¬†and they are making¬†baby swaddles and blankets¬†called little lotus for the cause. for every little lotus purchased, $25 goes to embrace’s nonprofit arm to help out a baby in the embrace warmer. you can check out the¬†kickstarter campaign¬†which launched last month, if you’d like.

02_MG_3819 03little-lotus-6

as a mother, i want nothing more than to give the very best to my little ones, and i know this thought rings true for mothers everywhere.  as we celebrate the incredible women who touch our lives in such beautiful and powerful ways this weekend, i thought this was a great opportunity to talk about embrace and their vision for helping mothers and their newborns around the world.