baby bump #3 / 18 weeks


the human body is a funny one. at least mine is. it’s like, “oh you wanna have a baby in here again? no problem, i’ll upgrade this baby bump from a 1 bedroom to a 3 bedroom mansion this time around for the little one. you’ll look like you’re already far into your third trimester, but it’s cool. it’s cool. i got this.”  and i’m like, hey wait a minute, really? you had to pop my belly button back out at just 8 weeks along?!  let’s all just be kind come september or october when i’m looking like i’m due any day even though i still have a few more months to go…. ;-)

it has become routine for eleanor and samson to kiss my tummy each night before bed and say, “good night, baby!”  eleanor came to one of my earlier check ups with me and helped my doctor find the heartbeat as she acted as her “assistant.” my doctor printed off a little ultrasound picture for eleanor at the appointment and eleanor has since hung it beside her little bed. if anyone comes over to our home, she takes them to the wall by her bed to show them the picture right away. she is so proud of it.  when i tuck her in at night she kisses the picture goodnight, too. and as her mama, witnessing that night after night does not get old.  this baby is going to feel so very loved by his or her older siblings.

i’m getting terribly giddy over little realizations like adding a new towel hook with baby’s first initial to our family’s current towel hook situation in the bathroom. or adding another little name ring to my stack of rings with family names on my ring finger.  nothing says “baby is here!” in my mind like engraving initials into something and hanging it up on the wall… now if only we could think of a good name.

speaking of names, the naming game is killing us this time around.  it doesn’t get any easier the more kiddos you have. in fact it gets harder because you’ve already used your favorite names.  we’re open to all and any suggestions. please and thank you. keep em’ coming.

my biggest surprise this pregnancy is just how magical each step remains, even if i’ve been here once or twice before.  that moment where you see that tiny heartbeat on the ultrasound screen, to those first flutters and kicks you can feel as the baby moves inside! it brings me to tears the way it did the very first time.  i’m grateful for that, too, because it is a constant reminder what a gift it is to carry a life, and gets me more and more anxious to hold and cuddle this new little baby like it’s nobody’s business.  i seriously cannot wait until december.

pictures in a booth.


my little sister hannah came to visit us over the weekend! what better way to celebrate her visit than with some good old photobooth pictures! we’ve been eating our way through the city each day in-between playground and splash-pad time with the kiddos and spending our nights staying up way too late having those sisterly chats that are just so good for the soul. i’ve recruited eleanor and samson into my plan of trying to convince hannah to move back to the city. so there has been a lot of batting of their eye lashes and spontaneous hugs! whatever it takes! we’re gonna make it happen.

ps. completely unrelated, but… occasionally i like to catch up on the tv show so you think you can dance while doing stuff on my computer. i’m pretty far behind because i can’t watch it in real time, but you should go watch this (not the whole thing, you have to fast forward to 1 hour and 5 minutes in, and just watch that 2 minute solo by the boy named ricky). it is one of the most beautiful things i have seen in my life.  i keep going back to hulu and fast forwarding to that spot to watch it over and over again. somebody call up ohad for that boy! he is ready.

taza’s new york city guide: the village


happy friday! we have a new nyc guide to share today covering one of our favorite areas, greenwich village and the west village!  if you missed the last few, see my guide to the upper west side HERE and a small guide covering union square to midtown HERE.  a few spots highlighted in this video are some of our favorites, but a few more a listed below. as with all my guides,  this is of course, just a sliver of what to do in the city, but i’m hopeful it can help you a bit as you plan your next trip to the city!  don’t forget to leave any of your own west village favorites in the comments below for others to check out.


video by jenner brown. music in video is fly away by jj heller.

some things to do around the west village:

bleecker street records
188 west 4th street  212-255-7899

smalls jazz club (while there are a couple famous clubs in the village like village vanguard and the blue note, this is our favorite)
183 west 10th street (no phone number listed. ha!)

comedy cellar 
117 macdougal street 212-254-3480

goorin hat shop (one of my favorite hat shops!)
337 bleecker street 212-256-1895

little marc jacobs
298 west 4th street 212-206-6644

leica gallery
670 broadway 212-777-3051

washington square park (always a great spot to picnic, for littles to play, that gorgeous arch! lots to do and see. and new public bathrooms that are still clean and nice inside!)

for a nice stroll from the top end of the village to the bottom, walk along bleecker street from bank street to thompson street or west 4th street from jane street down to washington square park

a few wonderful playgrounds in the village are minetta playground  (across from joe’s pizza) and bleecker playground (near magnolia bakery)

some things to eat around the west village:

little owl (great spot for brunch)
90 bedford street 212-741-4695

magnolia bakery (we recommend going here for the banana pudding! and the original in the village is our favorite location)
401 bleecker street and w. 11th street 212-462-2572

murray’s cheese
254 bleecker street 212-243-3289

faicco’s (they close at 6pm, so go early. and try the rice balls!)
260 bleecker street 212-243-1974

joe’s pizza (we go here way too much. it’s our favorite place in the city for a quick slice of new york pizza)
7 carmine street 212-366-1182

pop bar
5 carmine street 212-255-4874

molly’s cupcakes
228 bleecker street 212-414-2253

corner bistro (one of our favorite spots for a great burger)
331 west 4th street 212-242-9502

sockerbit candy shop
89 christopher street 212-206-8170

mamoun’s falafel
119 macdougal street 212-674-8685

a salt and battery
112 greenwich ave  212- 691-2713

tea & sympathy
108 greenwich ave 212-989-9735

waverly inn (for a special meal!)
16 bank street 917-828-1154

a brooklyn adventure! + a giveaway with nature box! *closed*


today we have teamed up with our partner, naturebox, to giveaway a 6-month snack subscription to two lucky readers! (details at the end of this post.)

a few days back, we realized we had to go to ikea. oh that dreadful moment when you only need one thing from ikea but it’s not available online! the closest one to our apartment is a ways out in brooklyn and a bit of a trek to get to. and don’t we all love those quick errand trips where you know it’ll be an all day affair because hello to travel time and also, hello children.  but we made the trek! and between some good snack-packing, two toddler naps that went down at the same time while we were in the store (a miracle!), plus a little luck in catching all the trains straight away, it was a success! a few photos below from our day…




^^^incredible how teeny tiny that sky scrapper image of manhattan can look when you’re standing far out in a borough.^^^

monday1 monday01

^^^these are the faces of the two cutest little troopers you ever did see. ^^^


^^^the only way for any long outing to be successful in my book is having lots of good snacks on hand for the littles and myself.  this edamamix from naturebox has become one of our family’s favorite summer snacks.  also, the dark cocoa nom noms? it’s hard to share those with my family. i want to eat them all by myself within 5 minutes of their arrival. see all the snack options here.^^^


naturebox1you were fun, brooklyn! thanks for a great day of getting things done without tears or long lines!

and now for the good stuff! we’ve teamed up with naturebox to give away a 6-month deluxe snack subscription to two lucky readers! to enter to win, please visit naturebox to check out what snacks they have to offer, then come back here and comment below with which snack you’d like to try. (this giveaway is open to readers with a US shipping address only.)

also, use the code LOVETAZA to get 50% off your 1st naturebox order! (valid only for new costumers and only on your 1st month’s box.)

good luck! happy snacking!

hey, thanks!


i’ve been thinking a whole lot about blogging and everything that weird word encompasses, and so while my thoughts are kind of all over the place these days, i wanted to make sure i left a little note on my blog to say thanks. i hope you know how much i appreciate and love my readers. i often feel your love or support at times where i need it most, and it’s a funny thing, to feel that kind of love or support from an online community where most of you i haven’t ever had the chance to meet, and probably never will.

i can’t believe that next month marks 7 years of blogging in this space for me!  along with my own personal growth and evolvement as a person over these last 7 years, this space has changed a lot too.  i’m not really sure where it’ll go next, but i just want to say thank you. thanks for reading, for your wonderful emails and comments. thank you for giving me the chance to share snippets of our everyday life, to share these little moments that i love most and strongly believe are worth noting and celebrating. thanks for celebrating them along side me.  thanks for your support with the many opportunities and partnerships that have come from the sidelines of this little thing called a blog. and thank you so much for being kind. at the end of the day, i really can’t say that one enough…

and one last big thank you i want to make sure i get in while i’m on a thank you tangent, but thanks for your support and feedback with Pippit. since we launched our new app last month, feeling that support has been huge. i mean it… the good feedback, the constructive feedback, just the conversation in general. we are so thankful to have an online community here that is invested in making the online and social world even better, and helping us get it there. i’ll share more in a few weeks once it’s ready, but we have a new update for pippit coming out very soon and it’s because of your feedback and support, that it’s going to be even better.  i feel like that little app has the potential to keep getting better and better, too, because of you. so thanks for that, as well.

a lot of thank you’s. i know. but i just wanted to make sure i got it all down somewhere.  hope you have a wonderful wednesday wherever you are. xoxo