a morning at the beach! and a giveaway with the honest company! (closed)


we rented a car recently and took off to the beach to meet friends, play in the waves together, build a few dams, and catch hermit crabs! we had such a good time that josh and i even had an intense conversation somewhere in the middle of our time at the beach on our striped towel about moving to florida! we’re not moving, but for maybe five minutes we were ironing out all the details of how we could make it happen in our minds together.

anyway, few photos below! and a giveaway (and discount code!) at the bottom of this post with the honest company!


^^^the forecast said there might be rain in the afternoon (although it never ended up raining) so the beach was practically empty! ^^^


^^^monkeys! all the time. ;)  ^^^

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^^^whenever we’re outside, they play this game.  i’m pretty much ignored when papa comes to play. i’m ok with it though… sitting on a towel sippin’ a pina colada smoothie? yeah. that was nice.^^^

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^^^maybe i had two smoothies. :) ^^^


^^^just a little downward dog in the waves. such a yogi, this one. ^^^

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^^^josh and the kids built a dam (which samson didn’t really understand. he knocked it over too many times before it was finished) but it was a sweet attempt.^^^


^^^ring around the rosie in the water because both E and S would laugh so hard when we’d make a big splash. they could have played this game all morning and not gotten sick of it, but i on the other hand was kind of done after the third round. pretend falling and getting back up on repeat with my big baby bump is not the funnest thing in the world. even if my kids laugh harder than ever because they like when i struggle. ;) ^^^


^^^show me your moves, water babies!^^^558907

^^^we aren’t too sure where we got samson from, because that little dude tans like no other. the rest of us, however, we tend to burn. we’ve been trying out the new sunscreen from the honest company this summer and have been really happy with it. especially the sunscreen spray, since it goes on squirmy little boys quickly and without a mess and has a light tint to it so i know exactly where i’ve sprayed and rubbed and don’t miss any spots when i’m applying (a mother’s worst nightmare- sunburns on her babies. i’m unfortunately guilty of missing spots in the past.) it’s also comforting to know the sunscreens are hypoallergenic and good for sensitive skin, since josh has had a few run ins and reactions to other sunscreens in the past and has often voiced he’d rather we just cover our kids up in clothes when we’re swimming and not let that stuff touch their skin. so it’s nice to have finally found one  that our entire family is using…even tan little samson.^^^

and now, for a fun giveaway!

the honest company is offering a $200 gift card to one lucky reader below to shop any products from their site. (they have it all, from diapers to household cleaners to the fun sunglasses the littles are wearing in this post…) to enter to win, please visit the honest company, and leave a comment below. the winner will be selected at random and contacted directly next week.  good luck!

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this post is in partnership with the honest company, whose products we use and love in our home each day. thanks for reading and supporting the sponsors who make this blog possible! 

sprucing up the kitchen with a mini makeover…


i wanted to share a few photos of our little kitchen update we finally finished this past month.  when we moved into our tiny 2 bedroom new york city apartment, josh and i both fell in love with all the natural light each room received throughout the day… even if the kitchen was just so-so.  we saw a lot of potential though, and while we’re only renting, we still wanted to make the most of each room and really “move-in” and make the space one we loved (a plus of having great landlords!)  well, it’s been 2 years this month since we moved in (haha, we’re nothing if we aren’t incredibly speedy! ;-)  ) but we can check off “spruce up that old kitchen” from our to-do list finally!  we painted the cabinets back in may, put in a tile backsplash and new countertop last month and updated the kitchen faucet, too! a few simple changes, and i’m so pleased with how everything turned out! the kitchen space is even brighter than before (and dare i say it feels bigger?) while i’ll be totally honest and say i maybe dream from time to time of more counter space or a larger fridge to own someday, i’m so in love with our new york city life and apartment and am grateful to get to live here with the ones i love.

a few photos, if you’d like to see…

^^^our biggest thing was painting the cabinets.  they were really quite worn and were peeling and chipping along the ends and corners.  we bought a couple of cans of spray paint and went to town late one night. i originally wanted to paint all of the cabinets white, but since our dishwasher is black, i was nervous it’d become an awkward focal point as you walk into a white kitchen with a large black dishwasher staring you in the face. we debated for ages what to try to do to solve the problem, and finally agreed to try a darker grey color on the bottom cabinets to help it blend in more. i also covered that thing with a million magnet pictures which also helped. side note: i don’t want to sound like i’m complaining though about my black dishwasher, because you guys, i love that thing. we actually didn’t have any dishwasher when we first moved in, but thanks to our landlord for being awesome (and probably getting tired of my constant inquiring), they put one in for us when we renewed our lease! i’m so thankful for it. it’s a life saver.^^^

kitchen17 kitchen05

^^^after the first coat of spray paint. and side note: we probably did this wrong, so you probably shouldn’t use this as a tutorial. ;) because the spray paint was in aerosol cans, it would tend to create a mist of paint everywhere else. so you really have to cover every single surface in the remainder of your apartment if you ever use it. but it did stick really well (we sanded the cabinets first) and looks awesome!^^^


^^^oh hey, white haired old man! just kidding. but no really, that spray paint went everywhere!^^^


^^^with the help of our awesome friend thomas, we took out the laminate countertop (you can see what it looked like in a few photos above) and replaced it with a simple white counter, and we added a white subway tile backsplash behind the counter.  we kept the sink but updated the faucet with a pull-down faucet (oh has that spray faucet made my life complete!)^^^


^^^a close up of the tile backsplash…^^^

^^^like i mentioned a few paragraphs up about my dilemma with the black dishwasher, here’s an close up of all the sticky grams we covered it with. it’s been a fun spot for the kiddos to sit and hang out when we’re cooking in the kitchen as they like to look through all of the pictures and talk about some of the experiences they remember (and fortunately they are finally at an age where they aren’t ripping them off and throwing them everywhere! that happened for a hot second!)^^^


anyway, there’s our little spruced up new york city kitchen! also please note we are really moving up in the world as demonstrated by the fact that we finally have a real child’s safety lock on our cabinet under the sink! after our kids broke the first safety lock almost a year ago,  we started using one of josh’s old neck ties knotted around those cabinet handles instead. (you can see it in the before pictures.) we are super fancy like that over here at the davis house. ;)

updated free version of Pippit, released today!


(image made by Pippit user, courtney shelton. thanks for sharing, courtney!)

josh, joy, and i, are so excited to release the newest version of Pippit today! before i share what we’ve been up to the past several weeks since our initial launch, i just want to say thank you! thank you so so much to everyone for your support, excitement and encouragement this summer as we have shared this new iPhone app with you! because of you, we had a successful debut of Pippit when we launched in june as Pippit was named the #1 paid lifestyle app and the #2 paid app for all categories its first week out!


since Pippit’s debut, we’ve been collecting feedback and evaluating what works and what doesn’t work within the app.  your feedback has been so helpful (please keep it coming!) as we’ve been working to improve the current app and plan and prep for future versions.

this newest version fixes a number of kinks and bugs that began to appear on different accounts once a lot of data was coming through the app. we’ve also worked hard on enhancing its performance, so your experience within the app will be really improved. the biggest update comes from your feedback, which is making the app free so our current users have the chance to discover and explore even more great content and others will try it out. while we initially believed people preferred a small, transparent fee upfront for an ad-free app instead of a free app that would eventually need revenue in some other form to support itself down the road, we’ve heard from many of you that we should go this route.

if you’d like to read more about Pippit, you can check out www.pippit.co for a quick video and other info. we’re incredibly thankful for our initial users and their support, as the proceeds from our initial launch go 100% towards maintaining the app to pay for its costs like the servers and other fees. but, if you paid for Pippit initially and feel the need for a refund in light of the free version, please email info@pippit.co.

if you missed Pippit’s initial debut, below are a few screenshot images i pulled from the Pippit app on my phone to share why i love and find Pippit so useful…


as a blogger who uses social media during my day, i love that i can connect my rss feed into Pippit and my blog posts are automatically shared within the app (see top image on left!) i also love that i can interact more easily with friends and followers by having direct comment threads within each video or photo or blog post that i share (see top image on right.)


in addition to that, i like how Pippit allows me to share more information within each photo or video “pip.”  i can add little blurbs of info into “dots” on my pictures, and even link directly to a particular item if i’d like (see top image on right where i link directly to E’s swimsuit.)   you don’t have to fill a dot with a link though. you can fill it with a second caption, or a recipe or DIY tip or honestly anything you’d like! and you can add up to 5 different dots in each pip. so it’s a great way to share more, and a great way to access more information as well, on the other end!pippitphone3the above image is a screenshot of several comments pulled from my instagram account where i shared the same image and caption as above. i’m sharing this screenshot of the comments from instagram just to show the types of questions i often get when sharing a photo on social media. Pippit allows me to insert this information right into the photo, like i did in the photo above, making the photo more helpful for those viewing it. the image on the right is a screenshot of my Pippit feed.

this is such a new world we’ve delved into the past couple years with creating and executing this app! it’s definitely been a learning experience as the three of us aren’t the tech-iest people on the planet, but we believe in Pippit and what it brings to the social media table and hope you are enjoying it as much as we are! there’s still so much we want to do to improve and grow Pippit in the future. we hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey!

baby bump #3 / 20 weeks


last week, we had the baby’s 20 week anatomy scan at the hospital and brought the entire family along for the big viewing! it was a party! ;) eleanor and samson sat and gazed up at the big screen in awe for most of it, and samson climbed up onto the hospital bed where i was and stroked my arm a few times too, saying “it’s ok mama, it’s ok.” haha, i guess he must associate hospitals and doctors with shots and pain. ;)  anyway, back to the anatomy scan…. my goodness! i fell hard for this little baby the moment his or her little profile flashed onto the screen.  josh thinks i’m a crazy person every time i bring it up, but baby’s profile is the spitting image of samson’s profile. i know all i’m going off of is what i saw on an ultrasound screen and my little printed take-away picture, but guys, all i saw was samson and now all i can think is this baby has to be a boy. (we didn’t find out the gender though, so yeah, there’s a 50% chance i’m wrong. and i am always stupidly wrong when it comes to guessing the gender of babies before birth. so i’m not sure where to put my money this round.)

but either way, i cannot get enough of this sweet little baby’s profile image and i’m so anxious for december to just get here already. this motherly love stuff is seriously the bee’s knees. it’s amazing to sense that there is even more love to give when i’m just on the cusp of it, and haven’t even met this little one yet. it reminds me of how i thought i knew and loved my little eleanor before she was born but then seeing her face for that first time, and holding her tiny naked body against my chest just seconds after she was born, it was like this big gate inside me flung open full force and this new intense love i’d never known just came pouring out at every direction. and to think she’s 3 1/2 now! and how that love has only kept on growing each day since… it honestly blows my mind. i have loved experiencing that once again with samson and i honestly can’t wait to feel that again with this third little one.

we love you so much already, baby. all 13 ounces of you!

ps. i’m trying to be better at answering questions in posts so for those curious, i’m wearing an old romper from kate spade saturday, my leather jacket (found here) is by rebecca minkoff (which i scored on the biggest sale ever here!), swedish hasbeens and a necklace from jenloveskev’s instagram pop up necklace sale. my lipstick is maybelline fuchsia flash.

also, thanks a million for all the wonderful name suggestions in my last bump post. if you’re looking for names, check the comments of that post  because there are so many great names listed. now if only  josh and i could both agree on the same one! ;)

it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!


the other day, i took a walk around our beautiful neighborhood, just me, my baby bump, and my camera (and a frozen hot chocolate because hello!)  it felt like a little bit like a dream, maybe because i had no specific place to be and was all by myself.  i wasn’t pushing a double stroller and was able to walk at a slower pace, looking around myself, looking up, wandering down some of my favorite streets and other streets i’m not as familiar with.  the weather in new york this past week has been on the cooler side, so it felt like a crisp day in autumn and that kind of temperature in the city always brings back to some of my first and fondest memories of new york from my first few weeks living on the upper west side as a freshmen in college. this city is full of so much possibility, so much color and culture, so much life.  and it feels like home. i’m incredibly grateful to be here, with my family, living my dream.

a few photos from my leisurely wander around the upper west side, if you’d like to see…


uws7 uws3

^^^but really, what flower is happier than a sunflower?^^^

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hope you have a wonderful weekend in your own wonderful neighborhood! happy summer, friends.