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we just got back from a little camping adventure up in the catskills and my back is crazy sore. (sleeping two nights on one of¬†those teeny tiny sleeping pads and also sharing it with your 9-month old who knows how to hog space like it’s his job will do that to you.) but crazy sore back aside, i’m on a s’more-and-hot-chocolate-over-a-campfire high and i keep telling josh i’m ready to do it again like right now before it gets any colder outside, because camping brings me back to my childhood and i just love being at this stage where i get to share that sort of experience with MY children now.

but anyway, will share more on camping¬†soon! thought i’d just share a quick hello post since it’s been a few days and i always start to miss the blog when i am away. a few exciting life happenings going on these days…

  1. i joined a gym. WHAT THE WHAT. it is true and so weird and yes, i joined last week and no, i haven’t actually worked out yet, but i’m going today and which means i felt all the feelings last night. it’s like, do i eat the pint of ice cream in my freezer right now or does that defeat the purpose of working out in the morning? but if i’m working out in the morning, i get the pint of ice cream in the¬†freezer with no regrets, right?! ¬†i don’t know. all i know is, i’m turning 30 next summer, and my stomach is mush and beyond the food thing, i’d just love to feel more control over my body the way i did years ago when i was dancing every day. so you guys, please ask me how the gym is going from time to time because i want to stick to it and¬†i feel like you guys are good at keeping me on track. i plan to go 3 times a week because that’s a goal i can keep and if anyone wants to make a similar goal with me, let’s do it together! workout buddies! ;)¬†i promise to let you know how it’s going.
  2. the voice is back on tv (or the internet since i don’t have a tv) and conrad just started clapping (this stage! with his four little teeth and all the baby babble and the trying to walk and drink from water glasses! it’s the best.) also worth mentioning, did you all see the blood moon last night?!
  3. i found my favorite new pair of jeans that i feel like i’ve been searching for the last few years of my jean wearing life. this is a big deal because¬†you guys, i have such a love / hate relationship with jeans.¬† there was a period in my life where i didn’t even own a single pair for several years. but these ones are so pretty. i’m calling them my fancy jeans because i¬†have short legs¬†so i need to wear a bit of a heel with them. but they are high waisted enough to hold everything in and together (if ya know what i mean) and still have the right amount of stretch that i can run around in them (helpful with kids) and since i wore my last favorite pair of jeans into the ground by ripping the crotch while pretending¬†i was a rockette doing the can-can with my sister this summer (you can actually see them tear in the video here, haha. embarrassing), i’m declaring these¬†fancy jeans my new faves. here we are together having a beatles moment a few weeks ago downtown. ;) love you, jeans.


have a good week, you guys!

ps. for those who have asked, my blouse is from anthropologie found HERE.

trying my hand at ramen!

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josh and i have been loving¬†ramen lately (especially since jin ramen has come to the upper west side, if you’re in the neighborhood you must try!) so we were really excited the other week when our blue apron delivery included everything to make our own pork ramen at home! this is one of those meals i would never consider making on my own, so this was the perfect push to try my hand at home with something i’m currently loving and would otherwise feel intimidated by.

we’ve partnered with blue apron today to share the recipe with you! you can see all of their incredible recipes right here¬†if you’d like. and if you’d like to give them a try, the first 100 readers will receive two free meals on their first blue apron order by using this link. ¬†if you aren’t already familiar with them, blue apron delivers all the farm-fresh ingredients in the right proportions to your door, so you can follow their recipe cards and make beautiful meals at home with ease. ¬†we have been using them for a few years now, and have loved the way it introduces us to new foods and meals. and personally, i love that is forces me to cook something. ;)



what you need:

1 pork roast
3/4 pound fresh ramen noodles
2 scallions
1 ear of corn
1 eggplant
1/4 ounce microgreens
2 tablespoons pork demi-glace
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
1 1-inch piece of ginger
2 tablespoons soy glaze
1 teaspoon pork ramen spice blend (black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, kibbled nori and sansho pepper)


preheat the oven to 450 degrees. heat a medium pot of salted water to boiling for the noodles. wash and dry the produce. slice the scallions, husk the corn and cut the corn kernels off the cob. cut and discard the stem of the eggplant and then cut the remaining eggplant into 1/2-inch thick rounds. peel and mince the ginger.


remove the netting from the pork and pat dry with paper towels. season the pork with salt and pepper on all sides. brown the pork in 2 teaspoons of oil on medium-high heat and cook, turning occasionally, for 4-6 minutes per side or until evenly browned (i always brown my meat a few minutes longer than suggested.) transfer to a foil-lined sheet and roast in the oven for 10-12 minutes, or until cooked through.  remove from the oven and let it rest 5 minutes before cutting.

blueapron-8while the pork roasts in the oven, wipe out the pan you used to brown the pork, and heat 2 teaspoons of oil to medium-high heat. add the sliced eggplant in a single layer and season with salt and pepper.  cook, flipping a few times as you go, for 5 to 7 minutes. season again with salt and pepper to taste.

while the pork continues to roast, add 2 teaspoons of oil to the pan used to brown the eggplant and heat until hot. add the ginger and white bottoms of the scallions with a little salt and pepper. cook, stirring frequently, 2 to 3 minutes.  add the corn, soy glaze, vinegar, demi-glace and 2 cups of water. season with salt and pepper. bring to a simmer and cook, stirring occasionally, 4 to 6 minutes, or until thoroughly combined. remove from the heat.


while the broth simmers, add the noodles to the pot of boiling water, stirring gently to separate. cook, stirring occasionally, 2 to 3 minutes. drain and rinse under warm water.  you can then divide the noodles into however many portions you plan to serve, by plating the noodles into bowls.

blueapron-5blueapron-4when cutting the pork, find the lines of muscle (or grain), and thinly slice crosswise against the grain. stir any juices from the cutting board into the broth. divide the finished broth between your bowls of cooked noodles. top with the browned eggplant and sliced pork. garnish with the spice blend, green tops of the scallions and microgreens.

blueapronand then, ENJOY! (ps. why does “plating” something make me feel SO fancy?)

blueapron-2next time, we want to try making ramen with a soft boiled egg! get ready. ;)

thanks to blue apron for partnering with us on this post! you can see the full recipe, as well as many others, right here. and don’t forget that the first 100 readers to sign up here to give blue apron a go will get their first two meals free! to sign up for your two free meals!

taza’s new york city guide: the 5 best pizzas in the city!

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since we love pizza so much and it’s a big part of why we love new york so much, we wanted to list out a few of our favorite places in an attempt to be helpful to any of you who are also pizza lovers. of course there are a ton of places that are just as delicious that aren’t on this map, but these are some of our current¬†favorites if you’re interested! you can save and print this map if you’d like!


61 west 74th street
all of their pizzas are great, but we live for the crumbled sausage they do on top of their pizza!

1 east 43rd street
this is josh’s favorite spot in midtown and i don’t know how many times he’s dragged me there. haha! if you go, order the grandma’s original slice. it’s also standing room only.

211 8th avenue
this is our favorite spot to grab a slice on the go (it’s tiny, so¬†there isn’t much room to sit inside). we go here more than we’d like to admit and take our pizza to the square across the street or a nearby playground.

235 mulberry street
in the heart of little italy/nolita, we like their pepperoni pizza.

19 old fulton street
this is our absolute favorite pizza in new york. and it’s worth the trip to brooklyn!

what’s your favorite spot for pizza in the city?
map by virginia lucas hart for love taza. more new york city guides HERE.

E and Me.


the sweetest thing took place a week or two ago when i bought this fluffy pink tutu skirt and tried it on at home in front of my mirror.

eleanor walked into my bedroom¬†about a minute later¬†and gasped, “mama, you look so beautiful!”¬†i thanked her and we must have started chatting about something else because i had taken the skirt off and was hanging it up when she interrupted me and asked, “may i try it on?”

now, this is a big deal because my sweet eleanor usually isn’t super big on pink, anything frilly or princess-y and when dressing herself, always chooses some sort of variation on pajamas. and i love that about her.¬†and it’s taught me a great deal about myself as i try to bite my tongue more¬†and just let her do her thing….¬†so, you wanna wear a bandana as an eye patch with two t-shirts layered on top of each other and striped pajama pants with your U.S. Open baseball cap to the playground? [bites tongue]… ok!¬†

during the skirt encounter, i reminded her that she owns a similar skirt, a tutu skirt i bought for her maybe a year ago. this was before i learned that – even though¬†she’s only four – she already has a strong preference for choosing her own wardrobe each day and that pretty much anything i ever buy her¬†without her being present tends to not get much love.¬†;) so when i reminded her of her tutu skirt,¬†i was a little surprised when she said excitedly, “i know! can we wear them together?!”


i love having a daughter. not just for moments where we’re matching and it’s “cute” or whatever. ¬†but because girls are powerful. and while sometimes i get boggled down with thinking about¬†the heaviness of what raising a daughter in this day and age can mean, i am up for the challenge. i screw¬†a lot of things up in the motherhood department each day, but i’m trying and i’m hopeful. and i have a feeling even with all my mess ups, she’s gonna figure it out just fine.¬†eleanor is so full of this curiosity and love for life, something i hope i can cultivate and encourage as she finds her path. ¬†i hope she always knows she is beautiful and powerful, in pajamas or a frilly skirt. and i hope she always knows i will forever be her biggest fan.

and now, a bunch of photos because we were having too much fun, and editing them down to just a few has never been my strength…


ps. my skirt is from anthropologie (found¬†HERE)¬†my shirt (which is actually a little mini dress) from HERE. and similar shoes HERE. eleanor’s tutu skirt is no longer online, but it was from crewcuts. her sparkle shoes are by bloch and her shirt is also a little sonnet james dress (lol. promise i¬†wasn’t trying to be that matchy/matchy with the dresses under the skirts, it just happened.)


life lately, just flying on by. with lots of photos, too!

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nolita0-14i never know how it happens, but we’re in the middle of september already and i’m just sitting here thinking, “wow!” the past month has been a busy one, and for the most part, a wonderful one. the energy in the city is always a bit more apparent around this time of year, with school getting back into the swing of things and fall upon us. i see these new college freshmen walking around the city in groups with their colorful university orientation shirts on and i’m like, “naomi you are so old.” haha. they just look like the most beautiful young people, am i right?!! and it makes me have¬†this deja vu feeling for those first few weeks when i was just 18 years old and a freshmen in the city. i was the poster child for the¬†most naive, silly, stupid girl. hahahaha. still pretty much all of those things, but with a little more experience now! and much much much much thicker skin. wrinkly skin, sure thing. but thicker skin, most definitely. it’s been a good run. where i am even going with this?

anyway, i’ve been behind with getting some of these photos up. a few of them are from a couple of weeks ago. and all a bit random, some from outings and some from at home. but as i went through photos from the past little while, there are too many i love to let pass up.

here we go….


celebrating festa di san gennaro in little italy! it’s still going on for the rest of the week if you want to check it out.


pizza at rubirosa’s! the pepperoni there is so good.

nolita0nolita0-2nolita0-3 nolita0-13 nolita0-12 nolita0-11nolita

for those who asked earlier on social media, my pink shoes are from anthropologie.  and jeans are from madewell and my polka dot sweater is by jcrew and backpack used as a diaper bag from sole society.

nolita0-10 nolita0-9 nolita0-8august0-6

this little astronaut is serious about space. i love it! josh got¬†her this astronaut costume after her many questions about space, and now she wears it almost every day. we tend to do a lot of costumes and dress up right now at this age. it’s the best. ¬†someone is always in a cowboy hat or super hero cape saving the day!


important conversations between astronauts and super heroes.  we are in good hands over here, you guys!


sprinkles ice cream. always worth the walk all the way to the east side in midtown. always.

august-10 august-11

if you’re ever wondering what to order, i am obsessed with the vanilla cupcake with milk chocolate frosting and sprinkles, sliced in half, with rocky road ice cream placed in the middle! it is GOOD.

(and by the way, i’m wearing romantique by opi on my nails, for those who have been asking. it’s a shellac color, and i’ve been wearing it all summer.)


conrad’s trying to figure out how to use these doctor tools. ;)


my kids have asked a couple of different times the past month or so if we could rock climb a mountain! i don’t even know where they get it from, since when we often see rock climbing stations around, but they are too small to enjoy them. so this little wall down at a playground in tribeca made samson a very happy boy a few weeks ago and i think it filled his wish of mountain climbing! at least for now…


conrad’s first time on the granite slide in central park! he loved it.

nolita0-16 01Sept-25 01Sept-26 01Sept-27

and i especially loved watching these two play on this big spider web a few weeks ago.  that beautiful freedom tower in the back really moves me. i just love this city extra these days and feel grateful we get to call it our backyard.  i think this is such a good place for kids to be raised.  we feel really lucky to be here. girlsnight

a few girlfriends and i went down to the east village for a the movie mean girls trivia night! i’m not sure how we were the only team that went with a costume theme, haha! but whatever. we rocked it. ;)


and ending this massive photo post with this favorite one of mine. my little bubba and his papa! cutest duo in town. :)