at the farm!

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we spent the afternoon at a friend’s farm in new jersey yesterday! we learned all about her horses and new baby chicks and how¬†to drive a gator (name of a little tractor car thing). we got to¬†feed the chickens and ride her tiny horse and pat a bunny and just run free in some of the most glorious weather we’ve seen so far this spring! ¬†we also learned from experience to be careful around a goat that is standing close by or she just might head butt you in your tummy. (everyone’s okay! but if you ask samson what his favorite part of the farm was, he’ll talk your ear off about that “not nice goat.” it was not his favorite part, but we can’t seem to get past it! i get it though, it was a moment!)

the kids are at such fun ages to really take all of this in. ¬†they loved it. and i loved it. i felt like a little kid again, holding a baby chick and petting a horse. ¬†josh was in heaven too, with all the animals and because he fried up maybe a dozen eggs inside the house fresh from the coop and it was epic. ¬†we don’t get to experience these sorts of things too often living in new york city, but¬†grateful to kind friends for hosting us for the day! it was the perfect way to welcome this warm spring weather and made for a fun day of learning for all of us.

farm283465 farm500374

just look at that beautiful baby chick!


within 2 seconds of being handed a tiny chick to hold, samson leaned in to kiss him! it was very sweet. that boy is filled with so much love!


so i had to grab a picture of this chicken, because i’d never seen one like her before! she is a polish chicken, i guess? and pulling off the platinum bob ever so stylishly!


eleanor and this sweet horse together was one of my favorite parts of the day. she was so gentle and soft with her. i think she felt right at home with all of her new friends since she loves to play veterinarian on all her stuffed animals often at home with her doctor kit.

farm934057farm4976662 farm839855

baby conrad enjoyed meeting the animals too when he woke up! i know he has no idea what is going on, but it’s of course so much fun for us to introduce him to whatever it is that we are doing! sometimes i think he gets exactly what’s happening,¬†but i’m also starting to think i’m honestly¬†going crazy, so…


i spy with my little eye, eleanor on a horse!farm00873465and samson on a horse, too!!!!!


and gator races like you’ve never seen them! such a beautiful day. happy farming, all!

family outing.

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the last few days have been a little bit crazy. josh and i are working on a lot of different¬†projects right now¬†and while we’re grateful for the chance to work together and for the flexibility it brings to our family life, it can be hard to leave work (at work?! where is that!) when you work from home and not have it constantly looming somewhere close by. ¬†i think we do a pretty great job of switching off with the kiddos so one of us is able to focus completely on them while the other works, but today as josh was getting eleanor and samson dressed to head out to play, i was like, but i want to come! and conrad wants to come, too! ¬†and so we did just that. on our walk over to central park we talked about it. ¬†this is why we’re doing this. this is why we’re working for ourselves right now. so we can take an afternoon and all go to the park together. ¬†i want to take full advantage and squeeze every bit i can out of this season of our life where we’re able to have this flexibility. i’m so thankful for it.


we grabbed some green smoothies on our way to the park because a family that drinks kale together stays together. right!

mm4375htrgg mm3489thff

this man of mine, that wears a tie to a park playdate and remains ever so calm with a baby in his arms while also managing our other children. this is the kind of stuff my dreams are made of.



eleanor had to use the potty at one point so we left all the boys in the park and raced off to find one (and we made it in time! holla!) on the way back to the park i was admiring how pretty this building was and stopped to take this picture before i realized how sad it was that there are no budding blossoms on the tree which is also pictured. SPRING. WHERE ARE YOU.


and i did not try this carrot cake (i hate carrot cake) but it looked so pretty on the counter of the place where i was buying our green smoothies that i paused to take a picture of it. and then while i waited for my smoothies to be made, i started thinking that maybe i¬†would like to start liking carrot cake, because it’s a healthier version of cake (or is it not and it’s just as bad as the double chocolate cake that is so bad for you but so delicious?)


if he thinks the playground is fun right¬†now, just wait baby conrad! i can’t wait until he’s old enough to sit in a swing! that is the life!


and, just as we were heading home, LOOK! we spotted budding blossoms on a tree in central park! after the winter we’ve had in this city, spring has never looked so good. i just hope we see her¬†SOON.

happy weekend, everyone!

the 3 biggest things i’ve learned to make motherhood easier with 3!

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probably my most asked question these days, from friends and strangers on the street ¬†alike, is something along the lines of “THREE! HOW IS LIFE WITH THREE?!” the thing is, the transition from one baby to two babies was more of a shock to me, and while my arms are out numbered these days and there¬†can be¬†ample noise and chaos around me at any given moment, life with three is pretty darn good. ¬†while i’m obviously still not an expert by any means and am still learning myself, here are my three biggest take aways since adding conrad to our family a few months ago. i hope they’re helpful to someone out there…


accept help when offered.¬†you don’t have to do everything by yourself. they aren’t kidding when they say it takes a village, or in our case, a city. ¬†and it truly does. ¬†i used to feel like i couldn’t be given the appropriate credit of even ‘adequate mother’ if i wasn’t doing all of it, on my own. but how does one even do all of it on her¬†own? let someone help you with your bags if they offer, or hold the door for you if they’re willing, or tie your child’s shoe or watch you kiddos for a minute while you¬†change the baby’s¬†diaper…. how wonderful it is when someone says, “need a hand?” and extends one. you can also ask for a hand if one isn’t extended. chances are¬†good someone will extend one within seconds¬†if you just simply ask. ¬†thank the heavens for kind people everywhere. thank you thank you thank you!

right now, with my husband working from home with me, i feel extra lucky because it¬†means he’s here to save the day several times a day when i need saving. ¬†i’m aware this set up right now for us of having that flexibility during our work day is pretty sweet, especially since i know what it’s like when he used to be away for long long hours even when i just had one, and then two babies. ¬†i don’t think anyone will ever realize how much he does, in all areas of our life.¬†and no one will ever be as thankful as me.


while it might be slightly confusing to talk¬†about letting go of control and allowing others to help and then say, don’t take¬†crap from anyone but, don’t take crap from anyone. ¬†i don’t think you should tell people off, but i do think we shouldn’t let critiques and criticism get us down. sure, the sweet little old lady on the street might let you know you’re doing it all wrong, but in her mind she’s trying to be helpful. ¬†sometimes it’s best to just nod and smile and keep walking. those sorts of encounters can be easy to rub off. ¬†but then you might get that kind of comment from a loved one on a more personal level, and it’ll make you second guess how you’re doing because we all know the mom guilt is real. and while constructive criticism can be a really great thing, sometimes the comments aren’t constructive, or helpful in any way. and they just make you feel like a bad mom, or that you’ll never get this. ¬†and they can sting. which is why i truly am trying to live by the motto of just not giving it another thought. nobody has time for that, especially when you have your arms full.


take a break.¬†motherhood is full and blessed and beautiful and i’ll say that¬†until i’m blue in the face, but not every moment is that way. and every few days when i feel in over my head, making¬†time for myself, even just a half hour after the house is quiet and sleeping (and i should be sleeping) to read or take a bath or do something entirely alone, in complete quiet, it’s AMAZING. i also think that in this time and age of go go go, especially with the digital world doing just that but sometimes twice as fast, taking a break from your phone, social media, even your computer, is pretty bliss too. ¬†just a couple days away from instagram, while such a fun app and community to check in with often,¬†can help you feel refreshed and reenergized and more present in your own life.

what have been some of your take aways for making motherhood each day easier on you?

love taza x BaubleBar for Mother’s Day!

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_MG_3182-1with mother’s day approaching, i’m¬†excited to share a collection¬†i curated for BaubleBar¬†with some of my favorite jewelry picks for the season! in the curated shop, i also share a¬†few¬†favorite things like scarves, fun tech accessories and the best smelling candle ever, all of which can make for a perfect little gift for a beautiful mama you might know or any other special women in your life!

i like to keep my jewelry on the simpler side, so the shop i curated is full of more delicate jewelry pieces that still make a statement, my favorite being the charm necklace which has 30 different charms to choose from to create your own unique necklace. there are also a few beautiful bracelets and personalized pendants because we all know how much i adore anything you can engrave and wear!

below are a few photos from BaubleBar’s mother’s day lookbook

_MG_3195-1Love-Taza-Stills7087_MG_3485-1_MG_3985_MG_3772-1_MG_3837-1Love-Taza-Stills7304Love-Taza-Stills7174_MG_3608-1the shop launches today with a 26-piece collection including a few gift sets priced between $15 and $124. you can see the entire curated collection HERE. thanks to BaubleBar for having me!

happy easter weekend!

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we hope you have a beautiful easter weekend! we are in florida right now spending the holiday with our family. it’s an extra special weekend for us this year because our church’s general conference¬†(when we can watch the leaders of our church give inspirational talks online during several hours over¬†the weekend)¬†falls on easter weekend. so combining these two things, easter and general conference, plus being with family in warm weather¬†for a little while makes it all the more¬†wonderful.

this holiday¬†over the years has come to mean more and more to me. beyond the fun egg hunts and delicious cadbury mini eggs (best candy ever!) i’m thankful for the chance to celebrate my savior¬†rising from the tomb and the reminder of what is waiting in the next life after this one. knowing my family will live again, with my savior, that this is not the end, it’s a constant staple of comfort in my every day.

the other night, as i was¬†nursing conrad on the bed, i could see eleanor in the doorway of the bathroom in her pajamas putting toothpaste on her toothbrush before she began brushing her teeth all on her own. my heart already felt a bit heavy from the day. we’d heard news that sweet friends of ours had lost their little one that morning, and i just couldn’t wrap my head around it. my heart felt so broken.¬†i watched¬†eleanor quietly as she¬†brushed her teeth. ¬†she leaned outside the doorway of the bathroom and looked over at me, giving¬†me the biggest thumbs up, as she brushed. and it made me teary eyed. because this is a world where a lot of things don’t make any sense, and it’s often too chaotic and cruel for my liking, but i have these guys. my family. and simple gestures like a thumbs up from my little girl after a long day means something to me. it’s a great reminder of how family makes sense. and eternal families are real. and this time of year, celebrating easter and new beginnings and my savior are a blessing.

happy easter!

ps, a few easter posts in the archives HERE.