our trip to boston!

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i have so many photos to share from our trip to boston! we had a wonderful time, and i’m so glad we finally went. i had never been before, despite all these years of living on the east coast and always hearing the best things about the place. but everything aligned last weekend with a few days off from school for eleanor and with old friends now living in boston, so we decided it was the perfect time to go, especially with all the fall foliage basically at its peak right now (the drive alone was insane, it’s so colorful out right now.)

we drove up on saturday and hit a big rain storm, which didn’t stop pouring until the early hours of monday morning!...

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white house visit!

i am so so excited to share more with you all today from the two days i was able to spend at the white house in washington dc last week!

the entire experience is something i’ll never forget. it was a honor to receive the invitation and meet with the first lady herself, michelle obama! as someone who values movement coming from a past life of non-stop dancing, and now as a mother of three, i so appreciate her let’s move initiative to increase physical activity amongst our children and also embrace a healthier lifestyle when it comes to our food options....

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three tips for loving your kitchen.


hi everyone! for today’s post, i’m in the kitchen and proudly showing off one of my favorite things to bake, homemade chocolate chip pumpkin cookies! i’ve shared the recipe in the past, but it’s something that gets me excited for the fall season and also excited about being in the kitchen.

wolf, who makes great cooking appliances and kitchen tools, recently did a survey for its reclaim the kitchen program and found that about one in every five adults only use their oven on occasion or for holidays....

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little letters, fall edition.


dear frank pepe pizzeria, we discovered you on our drive up to boston on saturday, and all i can say is, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!

dear 4-hour-drive-to-boston-that-took-8-hours-in-reality, let’s never do that again.

dear boston, you’re beautiful, but let’s kick this 24-hour non-stop rain thing to the curb so we can get outside and see more of you!...

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