little conrad, and our family of 5.

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it’s hard to believe it’s already been a little over a month now since conrad joined our family. ¬†considering it’s only been a few¬†weeks, it’s like i barely know the little guy. but then again it feels like i’ve always known him, and that i’ve always had this room to love him…even when¬†i¬†think¬†my¬†heart is bursting at the seams already¬†and how could it possibly have room to love another the way it already loves the others.

kylie whiting took photos of our little conrad and our entire family of five last week.  i had to share a few of my favorites because i love them so much.  josh and i won the lottery big time with these three beautiful spirits we get to call our babies.



bringing home baby bundle, now available!

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our bringing home baby bundle is now available for purchase on the freshly picked site! thanks for all your kind words the past few days as we announced this!  i hope you love it!

announcing the bringing home baby bundle, a collaboration with freshly picked!

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i’m so thrilled to share with you something josh and i have been working hard on since last summer with our friends over at freshly picked!¬†tomorrow, our bringing home baby bundle will¬†officially launch!

the bringing home baby bundle¬†is built around the experiences of bringing home our babes that¬†susan of freshly picked and i have had. ¬†for me, i’ll¬†never forget the days my babies were born. they were days filled¬†with heightened anticipation and amplified emotions, some nerve-wracking and painful moments, a lot of ice chips, and plenty of messes. ¬†those days of bringing a baby into this world are absolutely magical. those days are life changing. they are the very best days of my life.

while each of my birth experiences couldn’t be more different from each other, they are all surrounded by some of the most special and sacred moments of my life. from those final kicks inside you to that first embrace with your new little one, i’m not sure much else will ever top those experiences for me.

having something meaningful and tangible to take away from that first day together has always been important to me. little keepsakes for both me and baby to hold on to, if you will. the first blanket my baby was swaddled in, the robe i wore during all those first feedings together… they are small mementos that represent the day my life changed forever, in the very best way possible.

and so, creating this little bundle was such a fun experience! ¬†using the bundle last month during my stay at¬†the hospital and then here at home the past few weeks with baby conrad has been¬†kind of surreal. and i’m so excited to share it now with you!

the bringing home baby bundle has many of the essentials you need for those first few weeks. ¬†we designed and created a beautiful robe and cozy socks for mom, a matching swaddle and hat for baby, and custom grey crib moccs by freshly picked (these are size 0, which fit newborns to 3-4 months)‚Ķ all of which comes in a matching bag you can use for anything! ¬†the bundle is wrapped up in an even larger bag we designed to be used for all your laundry needs. it’s a lot of fun! it comes in my favorite shades of yellow¬†and¬†grey and¬†is priced at $140.

whether you are giving birth in a hospital or birthing center or at home, welcoming home an adopted baby, or looking for the perfect baby shower gift for a loved one, we’re excited to share this bundle with you! ¬†being a mother is the greatest gift and honor i’ve ever received, and we hope this bundle can help you celebrate this special time in your life!

gosh, i’m so so excited! the¬†bringing home baby bundle¬†will be available to purchase worldwide¬†tomorrow, january 14th at 12 noon est over at¬†freshly picked!

a few photos of the bringing home baby bundle….


what we’re reading – chapter one.

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happy friday! i’ve loved sharing a few of the books we’ve been reading with the littles at our home in the past,¬†and wanted to share a few of the books that are on constant rotation with eleanor and samson as of late. ¬†children’s books are probably one of my very favorite things, so it’s fun having an excuse to sit down and just read and read and read them with our family.

1. oh, the thinks you can think! by dr. seuss. it sounds so clich√©, but i always feel inspired as i read this book to my children. ¬†it’s how i want them to view and see the world‚Ķ to know they can use their imaginations and create anything, if they just think and dream and use their minds! it’s definitely one of our family’s favorites.

2. once upon a memory, by nina laden. to be honest, this is probably my favorite more than the kiddos, and i’m always like, “ooh let’s read this one again!” fortunately they do not mind, but it’s definitely a book i love more than anyone else in the family. ¬†the first time i read it,¬†i actually cried. ¬†it’s one of the most touching poems and the illustrations are beautiful.

3. not a box, by antoinette portis. ¬†josh introduced this one to¬†our kiddos and me. i hadn’t ever read it before. ¬†a box is just a box‚Ķ. unless it’s not a box.¬†i love how much this book pushes the imagination, as the box becomes so many different things!

4. marcel the shell with shoes on, by dean fleischer-camp and jenny slate. i’m assuming you’ve met¬†the adorable marcel the shell!! if you haven’t, you must watch! ¬†a girlfriend of mine gave eleanor this book a few years ago and she still requests we read it every few days. ¬†we like to make voices like marcel¬†together as we read. it’s a lot of fun.

5. dragons love tacos, by adam rubin.  this is just a really fun and silly book all about how much dragons love tacos, unless there is salsa involved! the illustrations are very fun, too. both eleanor and samson adore this book right now.

a few of our favorite interactive books HERE and some of samson’s favorites HERE.¬†what are some of your favorite books for toddlers right now? we are always looking to add to our¬†book¬†collection!

taza’s hair tutorial: crown braid & milkmaid braids

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happy thursday everyone! a few months ago, when i put together this fun twisted heidi braid tutorial with aubrey nelson and nicole gerulat, we also made a few other quick tutorials to share with you based on some of the most asked questions here about my hair. ¬†like the twisted heidi braids, both of these styles are super easy and quick (if i’m doing them, you know they are!) since i don’t know how to do anything too fancy or elaborate with my hair. like i said last time, there are a lot of great beauty bloggers out there who i’m sure share these much better than i, but here’s my stab at it anyhow. ¬†i hope for those of you who are curious about these ‘hair do’s’, this is helpful!


ps- nicole of nicole’s classes (who took all these images) is offering 30% off all of her online classes through january 17th with the code TAZA30!