homemade banana bread with my boys.


i love seeing my man sporting an apron in the kitchen cooking something yummy. and what i love even more than that, is seeing all three of my boys in the kitchen in aprons cooking something yummy together! while josh loves to cook, i’m usually the one who bakes in our house, so when he took the lead in making banana bread the other morning, i was extra excited about the entire thing....

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a meatball date (and a recipe!)

LOVETAZA homemade meatballs-16

right now, eleanor’s favorite food is “spaghetti with meatballs.” she would eat it every day if we let her. :) we’ll be at a chinese restaurant and she’ll ask for it. we’ll be eating breakfast and she’ll ask for it. lol.  so the other day when she randomly grabbed josh’s hand and said, “papa, we should make meatballs together sometime”, it just made sense....

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one of the things we try to do often, is involve the kids in the kitchen when we make food! i know i’ve talked about it before, but i think kids are so able and willing at a young age to help, and i want to help them feel comfortable in the kitchen, since it’s one of the things i’ve struggled with most over the years, to not be intimidated by cooking and meal prep....

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raw chocolate oat cookies!


since josh and i have been working hard the last few months at keeping all added sugar out of our diets (if you missed it, see our video and post here. also, thank you to everyone for the great tips and comments and feedback!). but anyway, since we aren’t eating added sugar right now, we’ve been trying to limit the amount of sugar the kiddos are consuming as well (while not taking it away entirely....

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