spring has sprung!


these photos are from a glorious day of sunshine last week where we were able to shed our bigger puffy coats and enjoy some of that vitamin D in central park together while we played on the rocks and visited the animals at the petting zoo. it felt and looked and smelled like spring, and i couldn’t get enough of it....

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family time at the met!

LOVE TAZA met2965j-17

please tell me your kids also frequently ask you to pick them up just to basically lunge straight out of your arms wanting back down. it’s like the most confusing game on the planet, but also an incredible work out. lol. i think it’s a phase that my kids go through around age 2, because i have vague memories of both eleanor and samson also doing this endlessly....

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a closet game changer.

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LOVE TAZA 8gh34h

so i know many of you might remember my recent blog post on my tiny nyc closet and some ways i try to make it work being a city dweller with a small space but also an avid lover of all my clothes and the way they lend to self expression. in my post, i talked a bit about how i decide on what’s worth bringing into my closet and also how i try to make room for new things by rotating items and getting rid of things regularly....

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twisted double buns tutorial + come to yoga with me!

LOVE TAZA double buns tutorial_-6

while we were in utah this past week at my mom and dad’s house, i took some step by step pictures of one of my all time favorite hair styles i’ve loved wearing over the years that i get many questions about. my twisted double buns!

it felt like perfect timing too, since i am so excited to be partnering over the next month with JĀSÖN who offers a variety of personal care products that are free from harsh chemicals, making them safer our families and the environment....

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