girls weekend in montauk!

LOVE TAZA montauk003-7

on friday morning, i drove out to montauk with a few girlfriends who were going out for the weekend (thank you to those who gave us great recommendations on my last post!) i’d never been to montauk or really any of the beach towns out on long island before this trip and now i’m looking at the calendar like, when can we plan our return trip?!...

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our 4th of july in the city!

LOVE TAZA 4th of july 20171

i hope you all had a very happy 4th of july! we started ours off with festively decorated bikes and scooters for a little children’s parade that went down in central park! by the way, if you were ever wondering, i’m totally that mom who runs over to michael’s right before they close the night before the 4th to load up on supplies for said decorating....

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flying through the sky!

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i have to tell you, for a girl who is absolutely afraid of heights and can’t even do a simple somersault on the ground, i’ve come a long way when it comes to one of my most favorite things to do… flying through the sky on a trapeze....

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happy 5th birthday, samson rex!

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samson 03855

may 30th. it marks the day my sweet samson rex came into this world, five years ago today. it’s a day that we anxiously count down to several months beforehand with anticipation and excitement at our house because this boy is just the best, and his enthusiasm for celebrating the big day as it draws nearer is contagious, something i love so much about him....

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