a birthday post for my love.

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today, the love of my life has a birthday! and as i started going through some of my favorite photos of him, i just decided i want to share a million of my favorite pictures from over the years because he’s the handsomest and i have this thing about taking a lot of pictures. ;)

i’ve known josh for over ten years now....

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it’s another day of SNOW!


67 minutes of putting on all the under layers, coats, hats, mittens, thick wool socks and then snow boots. out the door,  someone needs to potty. back in the door. take off all the layers. and then back on. 12 minute lag in the lobby of our apartment building because someone’s snow boot feels funny and it’s bothering them something crazy....

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our family christmas card photos!


i’m so excited to share our family photos for our christmas card this year! i love how they turned out.  katie rain took them at the beginning of the month on a super cold saturday morning where i tried my best to really bundle everyone up but we still felt cold (my ankles especially. will i ever learn?!) i don’t know why family photos tend to stress me out, but i felt a little anxious this round when we’re trying to get all five of us in one shot....

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little letters, ruffle + stripe edition.

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dear christmas tree stands currently being placed all over corners around new york city as i type this, SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU.

dear people who watched my instagram stories from karaoke with girlfriends last night, i watched them back this morning and i’m super sorry. #OffKey #BasicallyShouting (and i didn’t even post the celine songs.)

dear conrad, it’s been 5 consecuative mornings straight you’ve woken up for the day at 4AM....

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a little date to see pipilotti rist!


back in 2008, i discovered pipilotti rist through an exhibition she was doing at the MoMA and i fell in love with her work called ever is over all. there is something about it that almost put me in a trance, where i could literally spend an hour just watching the same 3 minute clip in a loop, seeing and discovering new things each time i watched it, and piecing together a different story as well....

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