ending summer in leopard.

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i am known to get overly excited about each upcoming change of seasons. and in doing so, maybe start pulling out all my chunky sweaters and boots in 90 degree humidity. it happens in the winter, too…. showing bare ankles in the dead of february because i swear it’s basically spring. during college, i remember thinking i saw the leaves changing outside my dorm room window so it was totally appropriate to pull out a beanie for my head, only to realize when i got down to the street, it was still a sticky and sweaty lingering summer day, even in the first week of october....

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breakfast in bed!


as may is finally here, i am on absolute cloud nine at the thought that finally, after such a long stint of a never-ending winter, and what sometimes felt like a never-ending pregnancy on top of said winter, that we are reaching the end of this 9 month stretch! and we are about to meet our new baby girls!...

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my small improvements list for 2018…


the idea of setting resolutions or goals for the new year felt so incredibly daunting and annoying to me this year, in the midst of my daily barfing, constant fatigue and pure will to simply survive this next stretch of the twin pregnancy (as well as all the months of crazy after the twins actually arrive.)  is it absolutely frightening to admit my word for 2018 is something along the lines of “survive”?!  ...

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photos from christmas!


i’m excited to share some photos from our christmas here in new york city! josh’s parents came to town to celebrate the holiday with us and i swear every christmas just feels more and more special as the kids are such fun ages for all the festivities. i love this holiday so much which is probably why there are a million photos below from christmas eve and christmas day....

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