me and my girl.

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this sweet baby girl of mine started kindergarten this week and i can’t even believe it. i swear i blinked and my first baby, the one who was born a little after 1 in the morning on a freezing day in february, the one with the prettiest strip of freckles across her nose and cheeks which keeps expanding during these summer months, the one who first made me a mother and changed my world entirely for the better, who unknowingly pushes and challenges and encourages me because she is my daughter, and i want everything for her....

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a rock climbing double date adventure!

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josh and i went on a double date last night with our friends david and amber. and we went rock climbing! i probably would have never thought or suggested this for a date, but amber is always full of good ideas and i’m so glad we did it. i’m realizing that our more active dates together (like bike rides or trapezing or snowboarding, or even that one time we went sailing and i thought we were doing to die…) that sometimes get me a little out of my comfort zone, are always so much fun!...

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date night.


last week, we tucked one of our babies into bed (the other two would go to bed within the hour after we left), and hopped on the train to head to the west village for dinner. josh looked so dapper as we left the apartment in his tie. so fancy! i love that man in his ties....

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photos from easter weekend!


hi guys! hope you all had a beautiful and happy easter weekend! i seriously love this time of year. spring in general is growing on me with every passing year and probably will soon top all the seasons for me. it used to be my least favorite but it’s seriously up there with autumn right now....

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