imaginations and pretend play!


if there is one thing our family loves to do together, it’s play. josh and i talk at length every night after we tuck the kids in bed about what incredible imaginations and minds our kiddos have. kids at this age are just so incredible! the sky is the limit when it comes to what is possible, and they aren’t inhibited by fear or social pressures or norms or the world just yet.  ...

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build yourself a tree house…


josh is always good at finding really fun things taking place in the city for us to check out. on saturday morning, he reminded me that he had bought tickets to the center for architecture’s family day all about creating, designing and constructing your own tree house! (next month is sky scrapers, which sounds equally exciting!) you might have caught some of our time there on my snapchat, but i was really impressed with the thought and specific detail both eleanor and samson requested for their designs....

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prepping for the holidays!

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it was the weekend before thanksgiving, but we carried on with last year’s tradition and put up the christmas stuff before our big turkey day this year. i feel like it just helps add to the wonderful spirit of thanksgiving though by having it all up! we also did a ton of rearranging in our little apartment, trying to find ways to make the most of our space....

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a calligraphy party!


so, i have been wanting to learn the beautiful art of calligraphy forever. and my talented friend virginia (whose graphic design work and beautiful penmanship you often see on my blog here) is basically the queen of calligraphy. her stuff is so good, and everytime i see it, i’m like, “naomi, you ought to at least step up your block letters!”

and so i’ve been telling her for almost a year now, “i want you to teach me.” trouble is, when it comes to me and doing anything, especially something new, i have to properly carve out a time and put it on my calendar, or it doesn’t happen....

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