new LET’S CHAT! video!


for some reason, this latest video took A MILLION YEARS to upload and process (slight exaggeration, but a long time, and i started it last night before bed. BUT it’s finally done!) excited to share it with you today! you can see our other let’s chat videos here but we’ve been having fun making these and this topic is one josh and i especially love chatting about since we’re in the thick of it… parenting!...

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white house visit!

i am so so excited to share more with you all today from the two days i was able to spend at the white house in washington dc last week!

the entire experience is something i’ll never forget. it was a honor to receive the invitation and meet with the first lady herself, michelle obama! as someone who values movement coming from a past life of non-stop dancing, and now as a mother of three, i so appreciate her let’s move initiative to increase physical activity amongst our children and also embrace a healthier lifestyle when it comes to our food options....

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a meatball date (and a recipe!)

LOVETAZA homemade meatballs-16

right now, eleanor’s favorite food is “spaghetti with meatballs.” she would eat it every day if we let her. :) we’ll be at a chinese restaurant and she’ll ask for it. we’ll be eating breakfast and she’ll ask for it. lol.  so the other day when she randomly grabbed josh’s hand and said, “papa, we should make meatballs together sometime”, it just made sense....

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in pennsylvania, a day at the farm!

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LOVETAZA farm day-6

a couple weekends ago, organic valley kindly invited us out to one of their beautiful family owned farms in pennsylvania where we spent the day, and we all had the best time! how can you not when you’re surrounded by baby calves and chicks and the sweetest little pigs we ever did see? i think conrad’s love for farm animals grew  times 10 on this day especially, considering how he gives you the most drawn-out “moooooo” when asked what the cow says, followed by the biggest grin!...

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imaginations and pretend play!


if there is one thing our family loves to do together, it’s play. josh and i talk at length every night after we tuck the kids in bed about what incredible imaginations and minds our kiddos have. kids at this age are just so incredible! the sky is the limit when it comes to what is possible, and they aren’t inhibited by fear or social pressures or norms or the world just yet.  ...

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