a little date to see pipilotti rist!


back in 2008, i discovered pipilotti rist through an exhibition she was doing at the MoMA and i fell in love with her work called ever is over all. there is something about it that almost put me in a trance, where i could literally spend an hour just watching the same 3 minute clip in a loop, seeing and discovering new things each time i watched it, and piecing together a different story as well....

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new LET’S CHAT! video!


for some reason, this latest video took A MILLION YEARS to upload and process (slight exaggeration, but a long time, and i started it last night before bed. BUT it’s finally done!) excited to share it with you today! you can see our other let’s chat videos here but we’ve been having fun making these and this topic is one josh and i especially love chatting about since we’re in the thick of it… parenting!...

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three tips for loving your kitchen.


hi everyone! for today’s post, i’m in the kitchen and proudly showing off one of my favorite things to bake, homemade chocolate chip pumpkin cookies! i’ve shared the recipe in the past, but it’s something that gets me excited for the fall season and also excited about being in the kitchen.

wolf, who makes great cooking appliances and kitchen tools, recently did a survey for its reclaim the kitchen program and found that about one in every five adults only use their oven on occasion or for holidays....

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pizza dates and parent/teacher nights and long walks on the UWS.

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our date night this week looked a little different than usual, with the majority of it spent at a parent/teacher night at eleanor’s school. the funny part about that though, is that josh and i had been looking forward to the night at the school for a few weeks now. haha! we are such dorks sometimes. but it was a great evening together, and it just solidified our excitement for this coming year and the future....

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